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Violence tears through Philly leaving 30 cops injured after officers shoot knife-wielding suspect

Walter Wallace 27 shot and killed in Philly attacking cops

Violence tore through West Philadelphia last night, leaving 30 police officers injured after cops shot a Black man with a knife in the city’s Cobbs Creek neighborhood.

Chaotic video shows the man, Walter Wallace, 27, circling cars and then moving towards retreating officers with a knife shortly before being shot after his mother failed to restrain him according to Philly’s NBC News 10.

“Officers ordered him several times to drop the weapon,” Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp said. “He did not do so.”

“Fortunately it appears the officers were wearing body cameras,” Sgt. Gripp said. “The cameras were activated. So we should have a lot of video along with eyewitness statements.”

Subsequent rioters then took to throwing rocks and bricks at officers, with others looting and vandalizing in the West Philly enclave.

“Police said several stores were looted, including several Rite Aid stores in West Philadelphia, clothing and shoe stores and at least one restaurant. They could also be seen trying to break into a check cashing store and going in and out of a beauty supply store,” says the local NBC affiliate.

Video in Philly shows rioters attacking officers with objects last night. The officers seemed ill-equipped to deal with the violent protests, lacking body armor.

Other videos show a police SUV on fire in Philly with protesters vowing to attack the fire brigade dispatched to put out the fire.

29 officers who were injured by flying missiles have been treated and released from the hospital, while one officer struck by a car is being treated at the hospital for a broken leg.

“Over 30 people were arrested overnight for various charges, including looting, rioting, and assaulting officers,” says the local CBS affiliate.

Authorities say that the District Attorney’s office will be investigating the rioting to decide what charges, if any, should be pressed against rioters. Big city DAs have been criticized for not penalizing rioting that has accompanied racial protests this year, thus encouraging more riots.

Unfortunately, the Philly rioting may be just a warm-up for general rioting across the nation after the November election.

“Trouble may be just around the corner in this volatile election/pandemic year, because businesses coast-to-coast are starting to board up in anticipation of election unrest. Washington D.C. is starting to shutter itself ahead of what might turn out to be a violent day and/or night,” says TMZ, the celebrity gossip site.

The US Conference of Mayors has urged cities to prepare in advance for election violence, while the National Sheriffs’ Association has urged people to accept the result of the vote.

There is little chance of that when 30 injured officers in Philly are just the chump change in the liberals’ plan to protest every time someone with a knife dies while attacking cops.

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