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Cuomo spits fire after Trump spox burns him with giant Q-tip photo on his own show

Chris Cuomo is slammed by Tump Coms manager Tim Murtaugh over COVID

The Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh went toe-to-toe with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over the phony way he and his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, have used coronavirus politically during an appearance on CNN’s Prime Time.

Responding to allegations by Cuomo that the Trump administration doesn’t take COVID seriously, Murtaugh produced a photo of both Cuomos yucking it up over a giant Q-tip that the brother used on the air to make fun of coronavirus tests, “Does this look like a couple of guys taking it seriously?”

Cuomo responded to the question using the first option of mainstream media by threatening to cut off Murtaugh’s microphone when Murtaugh wouldn’t concede to him.

“Tim, I’m telling you, I’ll cut you off. You’re not going to flood the zone on this show,” Cuomo said, pulling on the tough-guy New Yorker act.

Cuomo started off the show implying that Chief Justice John Roberts didn’t show up for the swearing-in of new Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett because of some concern that her appointment was illegitimate or because of “health concerns or otherwise.”

But he then asked if the Trump administration was ready to take on coronavirus, as if Trump didn’t take it seriously enough.

Murtaugh slammed the brothers, saying that during the crisis in New York over the virus, Governor Cuomo continued to be supportive of the Trump administration, which Chris Cuomo denied.

However, in April of 2020, Governor Cuomo went on the Howard Stern show and praised Trump’s support of New York during the pandemic according to media reports.

“He has delivered for New York. He has,” Cuomo said of Trump, in response to a question from Stern about whether the president has really done anything of consequence to help, according to local NBC News 4.

“By and large it has worked,” Cuomo said of the relationship.

Now that the crisis is over, both Cuomos seem less reluctant to tangle with the President over politics.

Murtaugh also criticized Cuomo for failing to wear a mask around his apartment building, citing a letter from the building’s HOA and for Cuomo’s break of quarantine while he had coronavirus.

Cuomo staged an over-the-top emergence from his basement after contracting coronavirus, even though a police report proves that he broke quarantine while infected.

Murtaugh said the Cuomos are just trying to distract from the scandal that saw thousands of the most vulnerable New Yorkers infected with coronavirus after Governor Cuomo ordered infected patients to be put into nursing homes in New York.

6,500 patients reportedly died in nursing homes in New York during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. But critics say that those numbers are very low and suspect a cover-up by the New York health department. Many say that Cuomo’s own directive forcing patients into nursing homes is responsible for thousands of more deaths.

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