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Gamers for Trump to host a Halloween ‘Trick or Trump’ Fortnite tournament

Kaylee Greenlee, DCNF

Gamers are scared to identify as conservatives for fear of backlash, according to an avid Fortnite player who hopes that a Halloween video game tournament supporting President Donald Trump will help Republicans engage in the gaming scene.

“Gamers are scared to identify as conservative because the left runs the gaming scene while the GOP seem to either not know about it, or they ignore it,” Bryson Gray, a conservative gamer and music maker told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The “Trick or Trump” event scheduled for Saturday will be the first pro-Trump online Fortnite tournament, according to organizers, it is free to enter and will consist of three games where players will compete in squads of four to earn points towards cash prizes.

Gray, who “proudly stands up for America and all his core convictions,” will host the Gamers For Trump tournament, Gamers for Trump organizer Stephanie Stephanie Lein D’Urso told the DCNF.

“I’ve contacted many Trump supporters that are gamers/streamers but they refuse to get political because of potential backlash,” Gray said. “It makes sense though, why would you come out with your truth if nobody will have your back in the community? It’s time for the GOP to embrace culture.”

Gray referred to the 400,0000 people who watched Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent live-stream of herself playing “Among Us.”

“She knows how to capture culture,” Gray said.

The tournament is about more than encouraging Trump supporters, according to D’Urso.

“We are hoping to invite gamers all across the nation, regardless of their political views, to participate with us in this tournament,” D’Urso said.

“We see it as a time to put divisions aside and come together to remember and celebrate what we do have in common,” D’Urso added. “These are tough times for all Americans.”

The tournament will be organized through Discord with a custom Fortnite code. Anxyone will be able to watch the event on Gray’s Twitch channel.

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