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He finally nails it: Joe Biden introduces himself as ‘Kamala’s running mate’

Joe Biden must be going for the sympathy vote. Because just when you think he can’t be more pathetic, he goes to show you he’s even more pathetic than you think.

Introducing himself at an event in Georgia, Biden introduced himself as the hen-pecked candidate.

“My name’s Joe Biden. I’m Jill Biden’s husband and Kamala’s running mate,” Joe said before chuckling like the Penguin and adding, “You all think I’m kidding, don’t you?”


He made the remarks in front of a sign that framed the word “Kamala” behind him, omitting the customary “Joe” that’s supposed to go with “Kamala”.

Biden was speaking to a drive-in rally of cars, with about 100 cars in attendance, making it the largest drive-in rally of the Biden campaign.

“This is the largest turnout I’ve seen for Biden since he started holding these drive-in events,” noted Fox News Reporter Allie Raffa.

Raffa also shared video of the campaign’s press pool bus showing arriving at the event and being greeted good-naturedly by Trump supporters waving flags and chanting “four more years.”


Biden’s opening remarks will do nothing to stop the rumors that his running mate Kamala  Harris is really running for the top spot on the ticket, as Biden’s declining health makes it difficult for him to engage in actually running the country.

The White House was quick to jump on the gaffe.

“Joe Biden confirms what we all knew: ‘I am Kamala’s running mate. Y’all think I’m kidding don’t you Exclamation question mark’ ‘KAMALA’ sign is prominently displayed behind him,” tweeted White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

“Biden said yesterday, ‘I’m Kamala’s running mate.’ If he gets in he won’t last a month before he steps aside so Kamala will be President and  Nancy Pelosi will be VP. That’s enough to make me lock the doors and barricade myself in the basement,” noted another Twitter user.


Biden has struggled at times during the campaign, not just making the normal gaffes he’s prone to, but not remembering where he is, who he’s running against and who’s right next to him.

He is just recovering from a previous gaffe where he thought he was running against George Bush.

“What kind of country we’re going to be. Four more years of George, uh, George…” said Biden while being prompted by his wife to say the word “Trump.”

And just prior to that he went on 60-Minutes and forgot how much his plan to send everyone to college “free” would cost ordinary taxpayers, halving the figure to just $150 billion annually from $300 billion, which is also probably low given the Dems proclivity to screw up math.

At least Biden finally nailed it and told the truth when he introduced himself honestly.

Even if accidentally.





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