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‘She speaks for him, too’: Chelsea Handler says 50 Cent was ‘screwing around’ with Trump support

Leftist comedian Chelsea Handler seems to be into bullying her ex-boyfriends. Just ask Rapper 50 Cent who tweeted last week: “Vote for Trump” with a graphic showing the top tax rates by state under Joe Biden’s plan, with New York coming in at 62 percent. The tweet went viral because it told the truth — a vote for Biden will skyrocket taxes. Days later, he further expressed disdain for the idea of being taxed at 62% as a New York City resident making over $400,000 per year, stating: “I don’t want to be 20cent,” on Twitter. And Handler slammed him mercilessly for it.

Chelsea said she wasn’t going to stand for that. She appeared on “Fallon Tonight” and said, “I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump.” Said the white, female liberal. How degrading for 50 Cent.

Now she is telling everyone who will listen that 50 Cent was just screwing around when he announced his support for Trump and renounced it after a phone call. He is now backing Joe Biden, she claimed. She even offered to pay her favorite ex-boyfriend’s taxes if he would dump his support for Trump and endorse Biden. Which by the way, is illegal.

After seeing Handler’s tweet, 50 Cent posted a screenshot alongside a message, writing, “Oh my God this is effecting [sic] my love life now.”

He went on to mention Handler directly, writing that he loves her and adding that she shouldn’t “let Trump and Joe Biden come between us.”

Chelsea took to social media with her 50 Cent’s-worth: “Hey f–ker! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily! Black lives matter. That’s you, f–ker! Remember?”

Two days later, after not getting a response, she posted again, sharing a link to a story about her offering to pay his taxes and writing, “This offer stands until November 3rd, Curtis.”

Handler proceeded to go on “The View” and talk about having a “conversation” with her “ex” about politics after his initial public statement. “He called me and he wasn’t serious, he was just screwing around on his Twitter,” Chelsea disclosed. “He is supporting Joe Biden, he made that very clear to me.” So, she is making the rounds on the leftist shows parroting the same talking points and bludgeoning her ex-boyfriend into submission. And 50 Cent gave Handler his blessing to tell the press that he’s a Biden-backer.

“And then we talked and had a cute lite conversation,” she said. “I did promise to pay his taxes and then I found out it’s illegal to pay somebody to vote for your candidate, so I offered him up another form of payment and we’ll see if he takes me up on it, but I don’t have to pay him, he’s already a Biden supporter.”

Actor James Woods was blunt about it, saying: “And she speaks for him, too.”

Political commentator and “View” guest co-host Ana Navarro then said to “tell 50 that if he’s going to be joking around about supporting Trump, he might want to wait until after the election to tweet out such a joke because they ain’t very funny right now.”

50 Cent caved to the promise of sex and leftist pressure: “F–k Donald Trump, I never liked him,” he wrote on the social media platform. “For all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history.” And perhaps defamation of character.

Handler posted: “Honey- does this tweet me[an] we can count on a vote for you for @JoeBiden? I’m happy to discuss this with you privately. My phone number is still the same. Your’s isn’t. I’ve tried calling you.”

Whether they ‘seal the deal’ before November 3 remains to be seen.

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