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‘I can’t have an opinion’: Actor Scott Baio slams Big Tech in fiery interview

Actor and Director Scott Baio sounded off on Thursday on “Mornings with Maria” with Maria Bartiromo over big tech censorship of conservative voices. The Happy Days actor is disgusted by the suppression of freedom of speech on social media platforms. Baio is alarmed that his opinions are being fact-checked and squelched simply because he does not back the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden. For him, it’s personal in these final days leading up to the election.

Baio, a week previously, also sat down with Maria to discuss his opposition to the “Happy Days” reunion in support of Democrats and called actor John Stamos a “Marxist.” He finds himself on the other side politically from his costars and he is alarmed by it.

Bartiromo recounted her previous interview with Baio, “Censorship on Twitter. Weeks ago we had on actor and director Scott Baio on this program to talk about being conservative in Hollywood and the backlash from the mobs. It turns out when we went to share the article on Twitter, a warning popped up. So he shared it, writing this, see this liberal Twitter censorship. The Fox News interview I did with Maria Bartiromo earlier today was completely true and then a word we can’t say here.”

She went on to ask Baio more about censorship, “But we’re living in this moment in time, Scott, that we see the social media companies refuse to report the news about Hunter Biden. It’s absolutely extraordinary. You and I talked the last time and then there was a post on top of your tweet.”

“What’s going on?”

Scott laid it out for her, “It is censorship. They’re all in the bag for Joe Biden. They’re — they’re fact-checking me, my opinion. I can’t have an opinion. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I watched Jack Dorsey yesterday being interviewed by the senators and the man just does whatever he wants. He’s censoring — I’ll probably get censored because of this. He’s censoring conservative voices.”

“And he’s promoting Joe Biden, who is a — the most corrupt politician maybe in the history of the country, and his running mate, who’s the most liberal person, more liberal than Bernie Sanders. This is what this guy is promoting. He will not mention Tony Bobulinski, which, I don’t know if you saw the interview on Tucker Carlson, was astounding how corrupt Joe Biden is.”

Scott shared the Fox article covering his comments on Twitter. A warning popped up that his Twitter followers could see that said: “Headlines don’t tell the full story. You can read the article on Twitter before retweeting.” Many social media users are now seeing such prompts when they want to retweet an article.

When Baio saw the warning on Twitter that attempted to fact-check his opinion, he was incensed: “See this liberal @twitter censorship? The @FoxNews interview I did with @MariaBartiromo earlier today was completely true, a–holes!” Bartiromo also went on to call the censorship by social media platforms in recent weeks “absolutely extraordinary.”

Baio stated that it all comes down to major social media platforms censoring public opinion they don’t agree with.

In the interview with Baio, Bartiromo also covered their previous discussion on leftist celebrities bashing conservative entertainers for their support of President Trump. Baio claims he’s never seen anything like it and bluntly accused celebrities of “trying to take down the president.”

Bartiromo continued her current conversation with Baio, “The American people are being told they can’t know about this stuff.”

“I mean, you know, many celebrities throw their support to the Democratic Party, only a few for Republicans. Yet those who do come out as Republicans receive backlash. The mobs are the loudest voices in the room.”

“I’ve been trying to tell the truth about what happened in 2016 in a coup to take down Donald Trump. I, too, have been attacked for seeking out truth.”

“This is wrong.”

Baio replied, “Maria, I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen anything like it, trying to take down a president like this in my life. They have done every single thing. And the latest thing, Russia, Stormy Daniels, the Ukraine impeachment hoax, which was crap. And then, like a gift from God, here comes COVID-19 for these people, for the Democrats. And they would bludgeon the country with this COVID-19 –”

“…to allow mail-in voting, which will be — which is a disaster. States doing whatever they want. Send you ballots in whenever you want. The signatures don’t have to match. We don’t really care. The Supreme Court is okaying it. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

Baio wrapped up his comments, “I pray to God every night that this man wins in a landslide to shove it right down their throats because I’m sick of this crap. I’m sick of it. It’s my country.”

Baio is not the only conservative celebrity or individual to find themselves censored by the social media giants. It has become commonplace and many, including Senator Ted Cruz, are demanding that something is done about it. If President Trump is reelected, that will almost certainly be a top priority for him.

Just as Ice Cube is looking for justice for the Black community with President Trump’s assistance, Scott Baio is turning to the president to get justice on social media platforms.

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