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Jewish men violently chased out of BLM rally by thugs accused of antisemitism

Video from Philadelphia shared on Twitter apparently shows BLM supporters wearing hoodies and masks physically and verbally threatening Jewish men away from the area saying “Synagogue of Satan,” in reference to Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 which is often cited as justification for antisemitism.

In the video, three Jewish men are confronted by half a dozen Black males who had masks on. The men are asked if they live in the neighborhood. The group says they came down to the protest to show solidarity for the cause of racial equality.

“Amalek. Amalek. What y’all doing down here? You don’t live here!” says one of the Black men, referring to the ancient Amalek tribe that was enemy to the Jews.

“You don’t belong here. We the real Jews,” says one, making clear that he considered the Jewish men as “Amalek” or enemies to the “real jews.”

The Black men then starting saying “This ain’t your fight” and “get out of here” and even pushing one man, before invoking the bible chapter in an antisemitic put-down.

“Philly waking up! Revelation 2:9 Synagogue of Satan!” says the lead BLM protester

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was quick not to denounce just the antisemitism of the taunt but also the silence of the media and politicians about the incident.

“40 years of Farrakhan’s @LouisFarrakhan themes of poisonous Jew hatred now embedded among young protesters Synagogue of Satan, denial that we are real Jews. Political leaders, media silent,” said a Tweet from the center.

The term “synagogue of Satan” is often misused by antisemitics to justify their hatred of Jews, but is actually a condemnation of hypocrisy, like maybe BLM members protesting for racial justice and denying it to White Jews and claim the Jews are Satanic.

(** Violence and language warning)

“This is incredibly disturbing.  Last night during disturbances following the shooting of Walter Wallace, a group of Jews was ordered to leave & insulted before being physically shoved by one of the protestors!” says Sussex Friends of Israel.

Earlier this year, Philadelphia DeSean Jackson was forced to apologize after a series of social media posts that advanced the idea that Black people are the “real Jews” and White Jews are responsible for violence against Blacks.

“On Sunday, Jackson highlighted several paragraphs from a text purporting to quote Hitler saying that Black people were the ‘real Children of Israel’ and falsely claiming that white Jewish people were secretly behind horrendous acts of violence against people of color, including lynching,” said the Philadelphia Inquirer.

But after a half-hearted apology that seems contrived, the Philly area decided they didn’t have to worry about it again.

Until now of course.

“The head of @NAACP Philly chapter regularly shares anti-Semitic messages to his followers, calling Jews ‘Satan’ & promoting Louis Farrakhan. Is this the best the famed civil rights org can offer?” said a Philadelphia think tank over the summer.

No, apparently they can resort to violence too, if name-calling doesn’t work.

But Twitter wasn’t having it, calling out the men on video for their antisemitism


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