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‘We still don’t know what happened’: Tucker questions UPS’ doc recovery story

Tucker Carlson has his doubts about UPS’ explanation concerning the lost Biden documents and their recovery. They were returned to him on Thursday. Carlson stated that the “obvious explanation” for their disappearance was an intentional act of sabotage, and he wants answers concerning the incident.

The explosive documents related to Hunter and Joe Biden and their family’s dealings with Chinese businesses were sent by UPS to him in Los Angeles from New York. They were going to be used in his interview with Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski. Somehow, the contents of the package went missing. A UPS worker in another state found the package open and the contents were gone.

Carlson stated: “Wednesday night, we told you about a pretty weird experience we had this week. On Monday, one of our producers in New York overnighted a package to our executive producer, Justin Wells, and to me in Los Angeles. We were there preparing for an interview with former Biden family business partner Tony Bobulinski.”

“Somewhere along the way, the contents of that package disappeared. Inside was a flash drive that contained primary documents pertaining to the Biden family. Those documents did not come from Tony Bobulinski. And of course, we made a copy of those files before we sent them, because we’re careful.”

“We get a lot of documents from a lot of different sources all the time, but especially in election years. Before we put them on the air, we have to determine first whether they’re real, whether they’re newsworthy and whether it’s legal to show them. We wanted to assess what we had and we’re still assessing it.”

“But the point is, the package never arrived. Proprietary reporting documents sent between journalists by supposedly secure overnight mail disappeared. They vanished on the same day we were conducting a heavily-publicized interview based in part on documents from the Biden family.”

Leftists online mocked Carlson as a conspiracy theorist and insinuated that the documents never existed in the first place. While Tucker made copies of the documents, they certainly did exist and UPS verified that they went missing on their watch.

On Thursday, the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” announced on-air that UPS had returned the missing drive to him.

“They vanished on the same day we were conducting a heavily publicized interview based in part by documents from the Biden family, so as you can imagine we wanted to know what happened,” Carlson stated. “Unfortunately we still don’t know what happened. This morning, UPS issued a press release announcing they had found our flash drive and then were boasting about their customer service.”

Tucker noted that UPS quickly recovered the drive, but they were still responsible for it going missing in the first place. He still suspects foul play here.

“[Executives] claimed that the flash drive was found on Monday night by an hourly employee in the UPS building on 43rd Street in Manhattan and suggested it may have been sitting on the floor there. They couldn’t prove that because, remarkably, in a room where millions of high-value packages are handled, there are no security cameras. That’s what they told us. UPS told us the employee who found our flash drive simply dropped it on top of a supervisor’s desk. Our documents sat there undiscovered for more than 24 hours before we announced on television that they were missing.”

The explanation is vague and did not satisfy Carlson. How did the box get opened? How did the drive magically get found and then sit on a desk for 24 hours before being returned? Who was the employee? Why are there no security cameras? None of it makes sense.

“How did our flash drive get separated from the package that we sent it in? That seems like something worth knowing. The envelope was securely sealed, and we know that. UPS does not dispute that. Was the package torn open accidentally by a machine? That seems unlikely and UPS says that almost never happens,” Carlson explained. “So we are left with the obvious explanation. Someone, for some reason, opened our package and removed a flash drive containing documents that were damaging to the Biden family. We would love to know who would do that and why. It would be helpful to see the envelope itself, but UPS says we can’t because they threw it away. So here we are, we got our flash drive back today, and that’s great.”

“But what we’d really like… are some answers,” Tucker concluded.

The point of all this is that the package simply never arrived. The response by UPS is highly suspect and not acceptable considering this happened just days before the 2020 presidential election. UPS has closed the incident: “There are no more details. Security is returning it. Apologies again that we were unable to deliver it next day at the service level you requested.”

First, the documents mysteriously disappear. Liberals accused the highly-rated Fox host of getting his evidence “lost in the mail.” That is not the case in this instance, however. Yes, the documents were found and Tucker gave UPS the benefit of the doubt at first, but there are far more questions that need to be answered.

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