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‘They mocked me,’ Candace Owens gets last laugh following rapper’s Trump endorsement

Candace Owens says that the wave of support people are seeing from prominent Black entertainers is proof of what she has been saying all along.

“Do you remember two years ago I sat on that ‘Fox & Friends‘ couch next to you and I said there will be a Black exit from the Democratic Party?” Owens asked the hosts of the morning show.

“And I remember the reaction from every other news industry — they mocked me, they caricatured me, they laughed at me, they said it will never happen. They’re not laughing anymore, right, they’re angry now. First, it was Kanye West, Ice Cube, Lil Pump, now we have Lil Wayne, I mean these are the most successful rappers and they are coming out and they are taking a stand against this narrative,” Owens said.

Lil Wayne is the latest entertainer to support Trump after he tweeted his endorsement of the President complete with patriotic photos.

“Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done,” said Lil Wayne in a tweet.

The endorsement drew a rebuke from fellow rapper 50 Cent who previously was taken to the progressive woodshed by liberals for tweeting out support for the President.


Still others are noticing how liberals really don’t like Blacks thinking for themselves.

“50 cent got whipped back on the Democrat plantation after his white liberal master Chelsea Handler ‘reminded him he was black’ Now he trying to stop other black people from thinking for themselves. Girl bye,” tweeted Melissa Tate.

Blacks appear to be drawn to the President’s Platinum Plan that promises to “increase access to capital in black communities by almost $500 billion” with 3 million jobs in the Black community, 500,000 new Black-owned businesses, safe policing and other benefits targeted to Blacks, as opposed to the same old failures promised by Democrats.

Owens says that it almost as if Democrats feel that they own Black votes and never have to do anything to earn Black support each election cycle.

“Think about the things that we have heard out of Joe Biden’s mouth: ‘You ain’t Black if you don’t vote for me.’ Not looking to justify any of his policies: ‘you’re deplorable if we don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.’ They’re not even trying and look at — what have their policies actually done to serve the Black community? Every single progressive policy leads to regressive results,” said Owens.

Other Blacks have noticed the trend too, hoping that Trump’s plan will help Black Americans feel like they have an ownership stake in the US.

“The DEMS are dedicated to keeping Black Americans trapped in zip code jail. Failing schools & failed policies are killing The American Dream. Trump’s PLATINUM PLAN is our best option to begin to build K-12 BLACK Independent Schools. An infrastructure that we can OWN and CONTROL,” says Watson Speaking.


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