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News station reports on rioters, so ‘activists’ storm the building – and get arrested

Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle were incensed after a local news station reported on their recent crime spree, so they stormed the media outlet on Thursday.

The attack on Virtual channel 5 KING-TV, an NBC-affiliated television station, happened within hours of investigative reporter Chris Ingalls posting the pics of rioting radicals who had been arrested over the summer up on Twitter. The extremists labeled it as “doxxing.”

The tweet reads: “@K5Investigators poured over nearly 100 arrest records from the Seattle protests. Who are the people that are allegedly looting, setting fires and turning violent?” And that was enough to set them off explosively. It resulted in the spewing of outrage and hate by leftists who were then determined to ‘cancel’ the free speech of journalists violently.

The hatred and fury on Twitter was intense: (** Language warning)

This is typical for the left where reality is often the opposite of how they perceive things. In their world, the rioters are the good guys and anyone who does not agree with them is a bad person and a fascist. We’ve seen this belief system at play in Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and many other cities.

It did not take long for the voiced violent intentions of these extremists to migrate from Twitter into the real world. Unhinged leftists descended on the news outlet’s headquarters to accuse the station of “doxxing” them.

“I’m trying to protect the lives of protesters because they’re trying to dox them and put them in the public. We have hate groups out here that are looking to kill and harm protesters,” social media personality Tia of Black Girl Rev Media alleged while streaming inside the building, urging the doxxing of Seattle police officers “that kill people, harass people, and rape people.”

She videotaped a cop on the phone who reportedly threatened to arrest her but not the surrounding protesters. “Why? Because I’m black. That’s exactly why. And this is what it’s all about,” Tia stated, calling the police officer a “joke,” “fool,” and an “idiot” to his face.

It didn’t take long for the protestors to get busted by the police.

One of the items Ingalls reported was the case of Kelly Jackson, a white man who tossed Molotov cocktails into police cruisers during riots that erupted in late May.

“Jackson, who was fired from his job as a plumber’s assistant at Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing after his arrest, lives in Edmonds. Court records show the 20-year-old was awaiting trial on three burglary cases in Snohomish county court when Seattle police and FBI investigators caught up with him,” Ingalls stated.

“Since 2018, county prosecutors have accused Jackson of breaking into an Edmonds ferry toll booth, a marijuana shop just outside the city, and a Stanwood animal rescue facility where he’s accused of walking off with a nearly 100-pound Rottweiler in the middle of the night.”

One of the tactics the extremists used was calling the station’s public phone number en masse in order to harass them.

The leader of this band of radicals was Dylan Austin, whom The Post Millennial identified as the “creative director at Five Senses Reeling, an ‘event production company specializing in LGBTQ (and allied) artists.’”

“Are you f—ing serious? You’re going to get people killed. This is psychotic,” commented Austin.

Austin then asked for the coverage of officers “beating the sh*t” out of known media. “Where’s the feature analyzing each of the cops who attacked peaceful protestors with their badges covered, after they were explicitly told not to? Where’s the expose on the white supremacist groups who came into the city to terrorize the community?” he questioned on Facebook.

“There’s not a large number of us so if they did choose to make arrests, it would be relatively easy. I would encourage anybody and everybody to please come down here just to reduce the likelihood of the protests here today,” videographer Joey Wieser stated on camera.

According to a list of Seattle-based broadcasters compiled by social justice collective Cascadia Undergrounds, Wieser serves as the communication chair for 43rd District Democrats and live-streamed the early days of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

This incident is one of many taking place in Democrat-controlled cities across America. They continue to encourage rioting and protests by leftists. So far, there’s no end in sight.

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