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Woman demands police escort out of public park because Trump supporters show up; cops remind her she’s in America

TDS Karen

There are so many problems with liberal thinking, that often it’s too hard to count.

But let’s just start with the ignorance of how the constitution is supposed to protect everyone’s rights equally.

Case in point is this liberal melting down over American flags being displayed in a public park, which she claimed was a “display of force.”

See? Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display.

Confronted by a police officer who wants her to calm down while she’s having a fit over Trump supporters breaking out American flags, she says “I don’t want to leave the park? My children were playing”

“Okay, so go ahead and play,” says the officer. “It’s a public park, ma’am. We can’t force these people to leave.”

“Do they have a permit to be here?” she asked.

The cop says he really doesn’t know how many people are allowed to be in the park for the event.

She makes moves to leave and the officer wanders away, so she starts to engage someone else.

“I can say whatever I want. I’m an American,” she shouts at the man, ignoring the fact that displaying an American flag is also protected speech under the First Amendment.

Here’s the true liberal hypocrisy of those who “feel threatened” by the American flag, and claim that their rights to speech are more important than others’ rights.

The cop then returns and tries to calm her down suggesting she talk to people.

“I’m not waiting my time,” she says while scornfully, declining to talk to an unassuming bystander.

She then calls the flags “a public display of force.”

“This is an intimidating show of force!” she cries.

“How?” asks the cop, who is joined by a partner.

“You guys are part of it!” she says to the cops pointing at them both. “You’re complicit!” she adds before demanding an escort out of the parking lot in her car

“We are not giving you an escort out,” says one officer.

It’s an epic meltdown that could make its way into the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) greatest hits.

And it shows that really the whole political setup for progressives is mostly about taking care of liberal mental disorders rather than public policy.

“Last week…Defund the Police. Today…Officer, makes these people leave the public square and provide me an escort.  Hey lady, call @donlemon, he’s looking for friends,” said one Twitter user over the lady’s rant.

But here’s the important part, the more serious side of TDS.

It’s one thing to be able to laugh off the odd lady at the park, but it’s a whole other thing to ignore people who root for America to fail because they hate Donald Trump.

Everything from hopeful COVID-19 treatments, to unemployment benefits to forcing China to take responsibility for the virus outbreak, is first distilled by liberals through the filter of their hatred for Donald Trump.

Even, apparently, the American flag.

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