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Veteran takes stand in ‘infantry sunshine’ to proclaim New York is Trump country!

November 1st was National Trump Day in New York and approximately 1,000 vehicles took to the streets in support of the President. There were other rallies as well and in one notable one, a veteran spoke to a large crowd in what he called ‘infantry sunshine’. He reminded MAGA supporters of how Trump was the only president to bring back 72 of our soldiers’ remains from North Korea. He also pointed out how the President loves the military and believes in ‘no man left behind’.

He spoke of two endless wars and asked who wants to keep our troops over there protecting poppy fields promoting the opium trade. Then he slammed Joe Biden and President Obama for taking money from foreign powers to raucous cheers from the crowd.

The United States infantryman also spoke on how Americans are tired of segregation, red zones, and being kept apart like a Leper colony or a ghetto. He said Trump will win in a landslide victory that leaves no doubt.

And others in New York got together to publicly support President Trump. The Jewish Trump Train vehicle rally with approximately 1,000 vehicles started at Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn, New York. The miles-long Jews for Trump rally made its way through other parts of NYC and met up with other chapters of the group from other locations and states.

Videos posted online showed hundreds of vehicles at a standstill around noon Sunday in the northbound express lanes of the Garden State Parkway near Lakewood, New Jersey as well. Police said the caravan caused a 5-mile traffic backup. Vehicles with Trump, American, and pro-police flags halted traffic on Sunday on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey as supporters got out and waved signs in support of Trump.

There is no doubt that a great many New Yorkers are turning out in support for President Trump these last few days before the 2020 election.

In New York, videoes showed parked vehicles filled with Trump supporters that jammed the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge between Tarrytown and Nyack, NY. Supporters also exited their vehicles there to wave signs and shout support for the President. A New York State Police spokesperson said no arrests were made and the bridge was never shut down. There were approximately 300 vehicles involved in the incident.

The media is painting Trump supporters as violent but they are not the ones who have started most of the contentious encounters.

Anti-Trump demonstrators got together at Madison Square Park in Manhattan to confront the anticipated pro-Trump caravans that didn’t end up going through the area. There is video showing police shoving protesters, who hurled insults at officers. This led to at least 11 arrests.


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