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Boston Globe columnist compares Trump convoys with ISIS caravans

Boston Globe columnist Renée Graham compared photos of a Trump caravan, peacefully signaling support for the President, with a convoy of ISIS trucks replete with AK-47s and mounted, large caliber machine guns and asked readers to contrast the two photos.

“See the difference? Me neither,” said Graham.

Well here’s one big difference: The ISIS folks would literally kill Renee Graham, not just for the comparison, but also because she’s gay.

It’s weird how hatred of Trump has encouraged people to toss discernment out the window.

“I do [see a difference], as a political scientist. Picture #2 is literally ISIS, around the time the mass rapes began, said Wilfred Rilley, Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University via Twitter. “The level of derangement around U.S. politics right now, particularly on the left, is genuinely bizarre even from a non-partisan empirical perspective.”

Actually, the Democrats are starting to get worried because Trump caravans have made big news this weekend with literally miles of cars lining up in support of the President’s reelection, so they have to put the caravans down.

Twitter video shows thousands of cars rallying in New York, literally shutting down the Mario Cuomo Bridge during a rain-soaked rally on Sunday afternoon.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez called the event “a pile up of chumps” on Twitter, riffing on Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s claim that Trump supporters are “chumps” as he said during a sparsely attended campaign event in Pennsylvania.

But that’s nothing compared to Arizona, where organizers claim that they had a 96 miles of cars staging for a Trump caravan last week.

So no wonder the Democrats are worried and want to suppress the caravans.

It’s just another sign that the enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden is really big.

In fact, in Texas, the Biden campaign is so used to slinking in and out of town with very small crowds, that they didn’t notify local law enforcement about their bus, causing a traffic problem when Trump supporters “escorted” the bus out of town.

A Twitter video shows a truck with Trump flags muscling another car out of a lane of traffic.

The FBI says it’s investigating the incident.  The Biden campaign canceled further events, citing the traffic danger. Or maybe they just can’t handle having a police escort.

New Braunfels police said that when they provided an escort at the request of the Biden campaign that the Trump caravan fell in behind the cop cars respectfully.

“In a statement, New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno said the police department received calls’“of the Trump Train following the Biden/Harris campaign bus … NBPD responded and did not observe any traffic violations,’” says the Texas Tribune.

Despite the fender bender with the two cars in Texas, I would rate the Trump caravans as overwhelmingly peaceful, in comparison to the liberal protesters who have shut down streets and highways protesting for “racial equity.”

And in comparison to ISIS.

I mean, come on man.

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