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President has to ‘fortify the White House’ for elections and clueless class is making it HIS fault

It is the day before the 2020 presidential election and the White House is officially on lockdown. Regardless of leftists melting down and declaring that no other president has ever had to fortify the White House, it just simply isn’t true and it shows a shocking lack of historical knowledge.

With businesses all over D.C. boarding up and preparation warnings being issued to the public, it is prudent for the White House to do so and there is historical precedent for this move. With riots having taken place across the nation this summer and violence breaking out from Black Lives Matter and Antifa all over America, the White House is wise to take precautions.

Even the media has taken note of the risks this time around.

“I just didn’t expect it to be this bad,” a foreign reporter said on Monday.

“Shops, restaurants, cafes and government buildings right through the centre of D.C are all are being boarded up.”

“It feels like they’re boarding up for a hurricane.”

The reporter said that the city feels vastly different compared to 2016 when she traveled there to report on the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“It doesn’t feel like an election, like the sort of celebration mood that we saw four years ago,” she explained.

“Last time they were baking biscuits, there were chocolates with little Trump and Hillary faces, they were doing BBQs with the ‘Trump Burger’ and ‘Hillary Burger, it was kind of like a carnival.”

“But this is just scary.”

“The concern is that no matter who wins, there will be unrest”

“It feels like a bit of a battleground.”

“It’s pretty awful.”

Clara Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief at the leftist media outlet Mother Jones. She tweeted out, “No other president has had to fortify the White House.” The backlash on Twitter was swift by those who are familiar with history and the current threats that face this election.

It seems to have been a melodramatic, knee-jerk response to a commonsense move by the White House. A non-scalable fence is being erected and 250 National Guardsmen are being put on standby.

In September, the National Guard formed a new unit made up of military police which could be used as a rapid response force in case of unrest. Analysts said only a week ago the force could be used to help crackdown on civil unrest following the US election.

Wayne Hall, a spokesman for the National Guard Bureau, stated: “A National Guard regional response unit was created to quickly provide additional military police to state or territory to augment their own responding units.”

In the end, this all has to do with those who pose a threat to the President, not with the President himself. The Left is literally being burned down by their own self-imposed ignorance.

During numerous wars and upheaval, the White House has been fortified and locked down for security reasons. It happened during 1812 and the Vietnam protests. Considering the number of protests scheduled for D.C. this week, doing this is the only responsible move here. If violence were not a very real possibility, no matter who wins, this would not be necessary.

Law enforcement agencies are preparing to deploy. Patrick Burke, executive director of the Washington D.C. Police Foundation, recently told CNN: “If there’s no winner, you will see significant deployments of officers at all levels across the capital.”

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