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‘It’s complete BS!’: CNN panel has meltdown over Trump’s Pennsylvania voting claims

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Van Jones became incensed Monday night during a panel with Republican Rick Santorum over President Trump’s claims that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made a horrific mistake allowing mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania to be counted for up to three days after the election. Trump has repeatedly spoken out against the decision, claiming it would open the door for voter fraud.

The president flatly stated that allowing this type of voting encourages and enables high-level, widespread cheating. This infuriated both Cooper and Van Jones. Santorum tried to distance himself on the topic and waffled, although he did say that he believes that, constitutionally, the legislature should decide who votes, not the court.

The president tweeted: “The Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one. It will allow rampant and unchecked cheating and will undermine our entire systems of laws. It will also induce violence in the streets. Something must be done!”

While questioning Santorum, Cooper forwarded the falsehood that Biden would not ban fracking in Pennsylvania when he has previously said he would. He has flip-flopped on that issue. President Trump just signed an executive order protecting fracking which is one of the primary issues that could win Pennsylvania for Republicans.

Van Jones sat and listened as long as he could and then jumped into the fray: “They’re not cheating in Philadelphia. They’re fighting through covid in Philadelphia. They have a Postal Service that’s not serving. They’ve got intimidation brigades going through Philadelphia. They’ve got a sense that even if they do their very best the President is more interested in lawyers and judges than voters in Philadelphia, clawing away their victory.”

“They have a right to vote in Philadelphia without being intimidated and they should be able to talk to their grandmamas to get them from the nursing home or the church to the polls without having to hire security firms to deal with so-called poll watchers. Tensions are high in this country because of stuff like that and stuff that he’s saying. He needs to cut it out and encourage everybody to vote safely and fairly. And he’s not doing it,” Jones continued.

Santorum stiffly replied, “Poll watchers are legitimate.”

Things got even more heated when they discussed alleged Republican efforts to limit vote counts in some states. Texas Republicans have repeatedly lost court battles to get over 127,000 votes thrown out because they were cast using drive-thru voting, which had been set up in Harris County due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is reminiscent of curbside voting which was originally intended only for the disabled. Harris County is shutting down 9 out of 10 drive-thru booths today because of legal challenges, so the issue is far from over.

“They’re trying to stop 100,000 peoples’ votes that have already been cast in Houston,” Cooper said as Santorum refuted the assertion that Republicans are attempting to suppress the vote. “But this is a widespread, ongoing Republican thing,” Cooper went on. “Republicans don’t want a lot of people to vote.”

“You’re talking about one incident,” Santorum replied.

“It seems like everywhere, the Republicans seem to be on the side of limiting voting as much as possible,” Cooper shot back. Cooper then reminded Santorum that Texas limited each county to only one dropbox, including in highly Democratic Harris County where Houston is located.

“What the President’s talking about,” Santorum said, “after the election that we have seen happen and we saw it happen in the Senate race in Minnesota, you’ve seen it in other places, we saw it with Bush V. Gore, which is we count until we win and we just keep going.”

“We hear what the President is talking about and what he’s saying is BS. It’s complete BS,” Cooper responded.

“He wants the election to end at midnight miraculously,” Gloria Borger asserted. “And if he doesn’t win and people are still counting votes, that means it’s a rigged election. That’s not the way elections work in this country.”

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