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‘I will not be intimidated’: Mark Levin blasts Facebook for restriction on election eve

Top conservative talker Mark Levin railed against Facebook after the platform limited distribution of his posts on Election Day eve, allegedly for repeatedly sharing “false news.”

“Facebook has now placed severe restrictions on my Facebook page on the eve before the election based on an extremely dishonest Politifact review of my link to an accurate story. I will not be intimidated or threatened by Facebook. You can also find my posts on Twitter and Parler,” the popular talker and Fox News host posted on Twitter with a screengrab of Facebook’s “Page Quality” warning.

“Your page has reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing of false news,” the warning said. “People will also be able to see if a Page has a history of sharing false news.”

Facebook’s action came in response to Levin’s sharing of a tweet from former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell featuring a photo of Democratic nominee Joe Biden aboard a plane not wearing a mask.

“Biden wears a mask outside but not on a plane. Fraud,” Levin wrote in the post.

But according to fact-checkers from Politifact, the photo was taken in November 2019, before the pandemic.

Levin also tweeted about another Nov. 2 fact-check ding from Politifact which he noted was based on something Biden actually said.

“And I listened to the audio myself. Biden said America is dead but FB dinged this as partly false on my site when I linked to it from another site due to leftwing Politifact’s opinion as a third party reviewer. Well, this is all fascistic crap,” Levin wrote in another tweet containing a link to a story by HotAir quoting Biden saying, “America’s dead” because of COVID-19.

HotAir corrected its original story to reflect that Biden actually said “Americans dead” in a campaign speech.

Nevertheless, in listening to the former vice president — who has had difficulty clearly enunciating his words on the campaign trail — it’s not readily apparent what he said.


Levin is not the only conservative voice being censored by big tech.

In the weeks before the election, Facebook and Twitter pointedly censored a bombshell New York Post report containing new allegations of corruption involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and other Biden family members in financial deals with companies in foreign countries including China.

In fact, Twitter locked the Post out of its account for nearly two weeks after the first story was published and posted to the platform, thereby preventing the historic paper from posting equally explosive follow-up stories. Materials documented in the stories came from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden that he left with a computer repair shop in Delaware and then abandoned. Neither he nor his father’s presidential campaign has ever claimed the laptop wasn’t his.

In addition, Twitter has been censoring and ‘fact-checking’ President Donald Trump ahead of Election Day.

On Monday, both Twitter and Facebook censored the president for a post critical of the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to intervene in a mail-in balloting case in Pennsylvania whereby Democrat state officials extended the date to receive them by three days, in violation of existing law.

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