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CNN reporter badgers two Ohioans about their votes in cringeworthy segment

A correspondent for CNN was not enthusiastically received by voters who were standing in line waiting to cast ballots in Strongsville, Ohio Tuesday in a live segment that may have left some viewers cringing.

In the segment, correspondent Gary Tuchman eased over to a line of socially distanced voters as he explained that the community consists of about 70 percent unaffiliated voters with the remaining 30 percent evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

Once there, things began to get somewhat awkward when Tuchman began to ask touchy questions including which party they were supporting and which candidate — a very sensitive inquiry on live TV even though people are masked up and difficult to recognize.

“You had a chance to early vote, 24 days here in Ohio — that’s the camera over there, by the way — how come you didn’t early vote?” Tuchman asked a man.

“I was not decided who to vote for, I was still in the thinking process,” the man responded.

“Oh, so you weren’t decided. Well, can I ask you a personal question?” Tuchman pressed.

“Yeah, go ahead,” the man responded.

“Have you decided?” Tuchman asked.

“Yes,” said the man.

“Who have you decided on?” the CNN correspondent pressed further, oblivious to the man’s hesitance.

“Democrat,” the man said.

“Democrat,” said Tuchman. “Who’s the Democrat?”

“Joe Biden,” the man responded.

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure you know who you’re voting for. I’m just joking around with you,” Tuchman said, to no laughter.

Tuchman then tried to ask a woman some questions but she ignored him and turned away. At that, the reporter went to the next person in line, another man, and repeated the process and questioning he began with the first man.

“You know the guy’s name?” Tuchman asked.

“Yeah,” the second man — who had said “Democrat” — responded, without going on to say Biden by name.

At that, Tuchman said, “we try to be sensitive when we ask people who they’re going to vote for because they have every right not to tell us, but we also like to give our viewers information about who people are voting for.”

While both of those voters who spoke to the CNN correspondent indicated their support for Biden, there’s no way to tell whether he’s really going to get their vote.

In recent days as the election neared, national polls that had Biden comfortably ahead of President Trump for months began to tighten dramatically. Some polling firms, like Trafalgar, have said that “shy” Trump voters are likely not giving their real opinions to those other pollsters, leading to faulty, misleading data.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday evening, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich hit on this theme.

“These are the same people who told you during all of 2016 [that Hillary was going to win],” Gingrich remarked.

“I said for all of October 2016 that Trump was going to win. These people don’t learn anything. They don’t pay any consequences! It doesn’t matter how wrong they are!” Gingrich added.

“The people I talk to–people like the Democracy Institute or Trafalgar — companies that actually understand how you poll for conservatives, every single one of them believes Trump’s going to win and probably pretty handily. I said yesterday I thought he’d get 324 electoral votes [and I stand by my prediction].”

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