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MSNBC’s Joy Reid blames ‘anti-blackness’ and ‘anti-wokeness’ for tight election results

MSNBC host Joy Reid stated late Wednesday on Rachel Maddow’s show that “there’s a great amount of racism and anti-blackness” in the US. She added that it is “aggravating” and “disappointing” the results of the presidential election are so close and President Trump faces no “repudiation.”

“I think partly because we knew the red wave was a thing, the red mirage, I should say, we all knew it was coming,” Reid stated to host Rachel Maddow. “In the moment, it’s aggravating. And I think partly, and I said this last night, I do think it’s because we’ve been reporting for five years, Rachel, about Russia … undermining our national security, the impeachment, the racism, the Nazis, all of it and then COVID laying on top of it, [it] felt like a repudiation was coming.”

“I think even though we intellectually understand what America is at its base, right?” she intoned. “That there is a great amount of racism, anti-blackness, anti-wokeness, this idea that political correctness is some scheme to destroy white America, right?”

“We know what this country is, but still part of you, I think part of your heart says, you know what, maybe the country’s going to pay off all of this pain, the children that were stolen with a repudiation. And as the night wore on and I realized and it sunk in, okay, that’s not happening, we are still who we thought, unfortunately,” Reid added.

“It’s disappointing. And I emerged from this disappointed.”

Reid’s opinion of the election is contradicted by exit poll figures, which show that Trump garnered a larger share of the non-white vote than any Republican presidential candidate since 1960. Trump expanded his margins relative to 2016 with black males and females, Latino males and females, and gay voters. The only demographic that he lost voters in was white males.

The 2020 presidential election is still in the air and undecided. A number of battleground states remain up for grabs. With legal teams on both sides fighting this out, it is possible the results will not be known for some time.

According to the AP, as of last night, Biden has more than 72 million votes. Trump has approximately 68.5 million votes and could potentially surpass former President Obama’s 2008 record. Obama had 69,498,516 million votes. The US population has increased by about 26 million people in the last 12 years.

Reid has been in the news in the last couple of days over her racial slur against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during MSNBC’s election coverage. That caused a massive backlash on social media and elsewhere.

After Trump’s remarks earlier Wednesday morning from the White House where he vowed to take outstanding vote issues to the Supreme Court, Reid warned that the Conservative-controlled high court would favor the president. That was when she made her ‘Uncle Tom’ reference to Justice Clarence Thomas.

“It’s not exactly clear that we can trust Amy Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh and these others not to be just like Bill Barr,” Reid vehemently stated, referring to the attorney general. “So what I think scares people is that if [Trump] decides to do something that legally makes no sense … but if they somehow manage to stumble into the Supreme Court, do any of you guys trust Uncle Clarence and Amy Coney Barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law? No! I mean, it’s a completely politicized Supreme Court that you can’t just trust that they’re going to do the right thing.”

Many polls showed Biden well ahead of the president going into Election Day, fueling some predictions of a decisive Biden victory, as well as Democrats taking control of the Senate and expanding their majority in the House. When that did not happen, pundits such as Reid and Maddow expressed their extreme disappointment and upset at the developments during the 2020 election on the MSNBC network.


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