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Man wearing ‘BBQ, Beer, Freedom’ shirt hijacks Nevada press briefing to rant about ‘Biden crime family’

A press conference held by the Clark County Registrar of Voters in Nevada and led by county registrar Joe Gloria was disrupted by a man in a “BBQ, BEER, FREEDOM” tank top. The man stormed into the conference and started ranting about Joe Biden, his family, and corruption on Wednesday.

The man has yet to be identified. He ran up behind Gloria, who was speaking about votes left to count in Clark County and screamed about “the Biden crime family,” in the video.

“The Biden crime family is stealing this election! The media is covering it up!” shouted the man.

“We want our freedom for the world! Give us our freedom Joe Biden,” he railed.

Gloria then calmly returned to the press conference as if nothing happened.

The incident quickly went viral, with many on social media poking fun at the man’s shirt. The man is one of many upset in Nevada due to the 2020 presidential election.

His epic shirt made as many waves as his screed.

Nevada’s six electoral votes are still up in the air as election officials continue to tally ballots. Biden is leading in the state by a razor-thin margin.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign on Thursday expressed doubt about the state’s election processes, requesting an emergency injunction from a judge to “sort through irregularities” with Nevada ballots.

This morning, Nevada campaign co-chair Adam Laxalt, state GOP chairman Michael McDonald, former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp are scheduled to attend a press conference in Las Vegas today where they will file a lawsuit challenging the voter registration status of 10,000 people in Nevada.

The campaign plans to file a federal lawsuit in Nevada, as they have done in various states around the country, claiming that there is evidence that votes have been cast under the names of deceased people and by nonresidents.

“We are asking Clark County to give us answers,” Grenell said. “We have to have a system where legal votes are cast.”

The Nevada Secretary of State’s Office would not comment on the pending litigation Thursday.

“People getting as many as 18 ballots to their homes,” Laxalt said. “To date, we still have not been able to observe these (ballot) signatures.”

They firmly believe there are many voters that “are not proper voters.”

“I care deeply about both the rule of law and voter integrity,” Adam Laxalt, the state’s former attorney general, said at a press conference in Las Vegas while announcing news of the lawsuit.

Jill Stokke, a Nevada resident, said at the press conference she went to vote and was told her vote had already been cast.

The Nevada legislature allowed ballots to be mailed to all active, registered voters this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many have stated they have received more than one ballot.

The announcement came minutes before the state is slated to release a new round of election results. Biden currently leads by fewer than 7,600 votes.

The Nevada Secretary of State said it would announce new results from Nevada’s ballot count.

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