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Shaken Colbert slams McConnell, demands Republicans ‘speak up’ against ‘fascist’ Trump

Late-night TV host and comedian Stephen Colbert went on a rant against President Trump just before his monologue Thursday night. He appeared shaken and was weeping over Trump’s press conference earlier in the evening. Colbert stated that the president made baseless claims about the election and called on Republicans to publicly speak out and denounce his remarks.

Colbert angrily responded to Trump’s remarks. He said he wore black because he wanted to “wear something somber” to prepare for Trump’s efforts to discredit the results of a free and fair election. He added that he was standing instead of sitting down as he usually does because “Donald Trump tried really hard to kill something tonight.”

“The president came out into the White House briefing room and lied for 15 minutes,” he said. “Just nonsensical stuff about illegal vote dumps and corrupt election officials and secret democratic counting cabals, and I don’t know, long-form birth certificates, probably. It’s all the same. And if you did not know that Joe Biden was getting close to 270, Donald Trump just provided all the proof you will ever need.”

“For him to cast a dark shadow on our most sacred right from the briefing room in the White House — our house, not his — that is devastating. This is heartbreaking for the same reason that I didn’t want him to get Covid… He is the President of the United States. That office should mean something and that office should have some shred of decency,” he stated.

Colbert told Americans watching that the only way to counter the “stain” Trump just left is for everyone to speak out, including the Republican party, invoking a famous quote attributed to Edmund Burke.

“Republicans have to speak up. All of them. Because for evil to succeed, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing. So say something right now, Republicans. Not later. Not after you’ve stuck your finger up in the wind or wherever you want to put it. Right now. It’s in your best interest. You only survived this up until now because a lot of voters didn’t want to believe everything that was obvious to so many of us, that Donald Trump is a fascist. And when it comes to democracy versus fascism, I’m sorry, there are not fine people on both sides. So you need to choose: Donald Trump or the American people.”

Colbert continued, saying Republicans need to “get off the Trump train” because “it’s not a passenger train, and he’ll load you on it sometime, too.”

Then Colbert turned to Mitch McConnell who has declined to comment. Colbert said, “Mitch, we heard you loud and clear. You’re okay with this.”

“I guess Mitch McConnell is saying he was re-elected through fraudulent votes as well?” Colbert asked. “And he’s holding onto the Senate because of fraudulent elections in other states, and Republicans picked up seats in the House because of fraudulent elections? So cast them all out? Is that what your silence is saying, Mitch McConnell?”

“Americans are going to count something else starting right now. They’re going to count who was willing to speak up against Donald Trump trying to kill democracy. And they’ll count who will stay silent in the face of this desperate attack on the bedrock institution of this truly great nation.”

“He just attacked the thing that makes us most great. It’s time for you all to mean what your hats have been yelling.” Colbert refused to show any clips from Trump’s press briefing because “it’s poison.” “He can suck silence.”

Colbert roundly mocked Democrats secretly trying to steal the election. But he did not mention how they are losing seats in the House and will most likely not be able to take the Senate. However, almost all media outlets reported Colbert in a positive light for accusing Trump of a conspiracy-laden rant.

Following Colbert’s tirade, stars such as Mark Ruffalo, Alyssa Milano, and Danny Zucker, thanked the late-night host on social media for his emotional words. “Damn. I never thought I would see Colbert break down. Wow. I get it,” Ruffalo tweeted.


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