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Melania responds to CNN’s bogus report she told Trump to ‘accept the election loss’

In its haste to install Democrat Joe Biden as president, CNN has enlisted Melania Trump on Team Concession. Only one problem: The First Lady says that the chronically inaccurate network is making stuff up.

In a statement on Twitter, Mrs. Trump made it evident that the story is bogus, and that the court challenges to irregularities and discrepancies must continue. She expressed the same view that every common-sense American shares. That is, count all the legal votes.

“The American people deserve fair elections. Every legal – not illegal – vote should be counted. We must protect our democracy with complete transparency,” Melania Trump succinctly wrote.

CNN is the same network that floated the idea that First Son in Law Jared Kushner was advising the president about conceding.

Given the relentless anti-Trump narrative that CNN has been pushing for the past four years or so, the idea that CNN has sources at the top echelons of the administration seems silly.

Justified actor Nick Searcy was among those who saw through the CNN propaganda.

Others social media users were on the same page as Searcy:

On Saturday night, Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly even went so far to claim that the corporate media is participating in coup 3 with the Democrats (preceded by attempts to remove him from office in the Russia investigation and impeachment) against Donald Trump by rushing to anoint Biden as president-elect.

Until there is a certification pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, referring to Biden by that title is a fabrication, he insisted.

There is no indication that President Trump and his legal team are backing down. Just the opposite; the team is filing lawsuits in jurisdictions all across the country to insure transparency in the process as Melania Trump alluded to and to prevent an election victory to be awarded to a candidate on the basis of illegal votes.

President Trump is also going back on the road for campaign-style rallies in those states where election integrity has come under question.

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