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BLM crashes Biden victory party, scolds DC crowd of ‘white liberal fools’ celebrating on their turf

Trouble in socialist paradise, and it didn’t take long.

As an unfortunate preview of things that might possibly come, Joe Biden supporters may be learning that they can never be far left enough to satisfy the radical element of the Democrat Party coalition.

In what very well may turn out to be a premature victory celebration at D.C.’s Black Lives Matter Plaza outside the White House, a man with a bullhorn allegedly affiliated with BLM and/or Antifa put the liberal celebrants on notice about their transgressions, as the group around him repeated his words verbatim.

“For all of you f—ng journalists, for all of you white liberals who have been celebrating, getting drunk off your asses about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of f—ng fools!,” he declared.

The man then condemned the liberals for “colonizing” the plaza as a way to try to transform it, in his view, to the equivalent of a tourist attraction like Disney World, adding that the protests against police misconduct will continue.

The speaker was on target about one point, i.e., that journalists and liberals are functionally the same cohort.

Watch/listen (Warning for language):

The clip embedded below appears to be additional footage from the same demonstration by a group that is reportedly known as the They/Them Collective:

Whether low-information voters are aware of it or not, Joe Biden is regarded as a puppet of the far left.

Assuming he ever gets the chance, these demonstrators are sending a reminder message that Biden is expected to comply with a radical agenda while in office.

Perceptive Twitter users reacted to the D.C. party-crashers. Here’s a sample:

Separately, in a very disturbing incident that occurred in Madison, Wisc., a physical confrontation occurred between a purported BLM supporter and a Biden backer.

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