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Antifa allegedly turns on Dems in Portland, smash and vandalize campaign facility: ‘F*** Biden’

In Portland, Oregon, Antifa has allegedly been fomenting riots every night now for months. Democratic nominee Joe Biden stated at the first presidential debate that, “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” They seem to have put to rest that particular claim when it was reported they vandalized a Democrat Portland campaign building Sunday night, breaking windows and spray painting “BLM” and “F*** Biden,” among other things on it.

Antifa has been reported as raging through the city destroying property, attacking churches, and facing off with police and the National Guard. According to witnesses, they appear to be highly organized and not biased towards either political party. Antifa is also operating under multiple group names as well according to those reporting on the riots. Although presumed President-elect Joe Biden is calling for unity, it would seem Antifa is actively sowing chaos and working against that sentiment.

But Portland is not the only city where this is happening. It is occurring across the nation.

With the outcome of the election between President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden still unclear and heading towards the Supreme Court, videos show the protesters who took to the streets of Washington, D.C. on election night also reportedly chanting “no more presidents.” Large numbers of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters marched in the streets near the White House, chanting “F*** Trump! F*** Biden!” According to reports, they were declaring they wanted an end to America.

Elijah Schaffer of TheBlaze, shared a video on Twitter showing people dressed in black marching in the streets chanting “F*** Trump!” And “F*** Biden!” Some carried a large banner that said: “Burn down the American Plantation.”

“Antifa have mobilized in very large numbers and they are marching to an unknown location,” Schaffer wrote, adding that they wore gas masks while some carried weapons and shields.

Schaffer said “about 150 black bloc Antifa” marched to the White House. An anti-scaling fence was erected around the building in anticipation of violence on election night.

There, Schaffer said some stopped to burn an American flag, but “failed to ignite it fully.”

“They first stop to burn an American flag, fail to ignite it fully, and kick it out of the way,” he wrote. “They are trying to kick out press but there are too many cameras rolling.”

Some videos showed protesters setting off fireworks in the streets of the U.S. capital. Another showed protesters curse at police patrol cars moving through the area.

Independent journalist Drew Hernandez recorded the aftermath of the riotous attack in Portland, Oregon, and posted it to Twitter:

“WHOEVER THEY VOTE FOR, WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE,” reads one of the flyers for an event that took place the day after the presidential election in Portland, organized in part by the PNW Youth Liberation Front. A tweet at 11:30 p.m. on election night stated: “F*** Trump, F*** Biden, death to America! We want something better than this trash, and we’re going to take it.”

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