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Pro-life groups call Biden win ‘a major setback to the pro-life movement’

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF

  • Pro-life groups spoke out against president elect Joe Biden in statements to the Daily Caller News Foundation, warning that a Biden presidency will be a “major setback to the pro-life movement.” 
  • Trump advocated for pro-life policies and frequently expressed his support for unborn babies — positions that contrast sharply with abortion proponents Biden and his vice president elect Kamala Harris.
  • Biden and Harris have not addressed what limits, if any, they would place on abortion. 

Pro-life groups spoke out against president elect Joe Biden in statements to the Daily Caller News Foundation, warning that a Biden presidency will be a “major setback to the pro-life movement.”

“We know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support government sponsored, taxpayer-funded, unfettered killing of preborn children,” the nonprofit pro-life organization Live Action said in a statement to the DCNF. “They work against every pro-life measure and refuse any restrictions on abortions. The two advocate taxpayer-funded abortion on-demand, including abolishing the Hyde Amendment, a bi-partisan rider that keeps taxpayer funding from paying for abortions.”

Trump advocates for pro-life policies and frequently expresses his support for protecting unborn babies from abortion — positions that contrast sharply with abortion proponents Biden and his vice president elect Kamala Harris. Biden and Harris have not addressed what limits, if any, they would place on abortion, though they have repeatedly promised to expand abortion access.

Live Action emphasized that Biden and Harris “publicly acknowledge their desire to codify Roe v. Wade” and that Harris proposed the “Reproductive Rights Act” during her 2019 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The proposal would require states to get permission from the Department of Justice before passing pro-life laws.

“States have mandated that women submit to invasive ultrasounds, passed laws requiring survivors of sexual assault to carry their rapist’s child to term, and placed onerous and medically unnecessary restrictions on health clinics,” the proposal on Harris campaign website said, the Washington Post reported. “These restrictions do nothing to make people healthier or safer. Their sole purpose is limiting access to abortion.”

“This is outrageous,” Live Action said of the proposal. “It is clear that the well-documented Biden/Harris pro-abortion ideology will continue to be disastrous for preborn children and pregnant mothers.”

Most of the pro-life groups that the DCNF spoke with did not recognize Biden as the winner of the presidential election, noting that President Donald Trump’s campaign has mounted numerous legal challenges in GeorgiaMichigan, and Pennsylvania. Trump campaign members allege that voter fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential election, though the lawsuits take a more measured approach.

“Barely 48 hours after the media declared him the victor despite ongoing legal challenges, Joe Biden appears to be prepping Executive Order plans aimed at funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood,” CatholicVote President Brian Burch told the DCNF.

The CatholicVote president continued: “He also appears to have made it a priority to go after the Little Sisters of the Poor — Catholic nuns who care for the sick and dying elderly poor — in a renewed effort to force these religious sisters to pay for abortion pills and other objectionable drugs and devices in their health care plans. Biden’s so-called ‘healing’ is looking more like he’s preparing to wage war on Catholic nuns, people of faith, and the most vulnerable among us.”

The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List backed Trump’s re-election bid with a multi-million dollar campaign, door knocking, social media messaging, and a variety of ads that celebrated pro-life Trump while criticizing pro-abortion Biden. SBA List spokeswoman Prudence Robertson told the DCNF that “if elected,” Biden and Harris “would be the most pro-abortion abortion administration in American history.”

“That’s why we must ensure a pro-life Senate can hold back their extremism,” she said. Robertson noted that the SBA List and its affiliated Women Speak Out PAC are going “all in” for the Georgia Senate runoffs to ensure that pro-life senators return to Washington.

“Biden, Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi — they have made it clear they will give the abortion lobby everything they want and will stop at nothing to eliminate the filibuster and pack the federal courts with activist judges who would do their bidding,” she added.

Tom McClusky serves as president of the March for Life, an annual pro-life march that occurs in the nation’s capitol on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. McClusky told the DCNF that the March for Life will go on “regardless of who is in the White House” as “there is still much work to be done in building a culture of life.”

“A Biden-Harris presidency would be a major setback to the pro-life movement,” McClusky told the DCNF. “We would expect that any restrictions placed on abortion-giant Planned Parenthood will be removed. For example, states may no longer be allowed to redirect Medicaid funding away from abortion businesses. Joe Biden has also vowed to rejoin international pro-abortion organizations like World Health Organization and the United Nations Population Fund as well as resume the war on the Little Sisters of the Poor,” McClusky said.

McClusky also emphasized the importance of pro-life wins in the Senate.

“A pro-life majority in the Senate is key. We have made substantial gains in pro-life Members in the US House of Representatives and, though they will still be in the Minority, there will be many more self-described pro-life women members,” McClusky said.

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