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‘I want a medical perspective’: Fox host stops doc from talking ‘politics’ of COVID vaccine

Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil, Associate Professor NYU School of Medicine, appeared on “Fox and Friends First” Tuesday morning to discuss the new Pfizer vaccine that is said to be 90% effective against the COVID-19 virus. As she addressed President Trump and the release of the vaccine, she was cut off by the Fox News host Jillian Mele and redirected to the “medical” side of the conversation.

Nampiaparampil stated that: “Pfizer is a trusted brand so to release this information I’m cautiously optimistic about it. We have to see with medical data shows. They only issued this in a press release so far but I have concerns about the politics involved in this, several things. To begin with, whether it is a vaccine or any preventative tool you have to test in certain ways.”

“Think about something different like mosquito repellent,” she explained. “You would try it on people in a tropical climate, some people get the mosquito repellent, some people don’t and when a certain number of people get sick you compare the two groups, some get mosquito bites. If nobody gets mosquito bites you are not in the right area and if everybody gets mosquito bites then it doesn’t work. In this case, Pfizer had a set number of people they were waiting for to get sick before they could do the analysis, but what happened was they waited a little longer than that. 30 more people, the delay in reporting the results whether purposeful or not is unclear but what will happen is people on the Trump side, the Trump supporters may have an issue with the vaccine because all these results were released after the election rather than before and Trump was promoting the vaccine.”

Mele interrupted the doctor at that point and said, “The politics part of this conversation is what people are talking about, but I want a medical perspective of what this means for us, laymen out here wondering when we could potentially see a vaccine for everyone.”

As instructed, the doctor reverted to the medical side of the conversation, “Sure. Exactly. This is the first step, to find out how effective it is and there will be issues in terms of checking in a large number of people in ramping up in terms of production. Pfizer and another company which should help in terms of that issue but then we have an issue of distribution because this particular vaccine candidate needs to be stored at a cold temperature so for people — extremely cold temperature. For people at home, you can be optimistic that there are logistical issues that have to be sorted out for example how will it be transported, how will it be stored, how it will be administered to the American people and how much it will cost. There are issues in terms of who gets it first not just in this country but across the globe. Hopefully, we can have it by spring but there are a lot of factors that need to be ironed out.

Mele pointed out that “Anthony Fauci said Moderna has a similar vaccine and the results should be in soon, we could see more than one vaccine that is effective which would be great news. He also said we could have doses for people by the end of November or the beginning of summer. We are hopeful for that.”

President Trump has touted a vaccine for the virus for many months now. The announcement from Pfizer comes as President Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden are embroiled in the final tally of the 2020 presidential election.

This segment is in line with Fox News’ sudden shift in politics and hosts on the network, according to critics.

In another change in direction for the media powerhouse, Fox News host Neil Cavuto interrupted a live feed and abruptly cut away from a Trump campaign press conference led by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany due to her allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. This is seemingly more in line with mainstream media sentiments than conservative views and it was another first for the network.

Fox received intense backlash after their election coverage where they called the state of Arizona very early in the evening for Joe Biden.

Also pertaining to the election, Chris Wallace was heavily criticized by viewers after his handling of the presidential debate between Trump and Biden.

Fox News has always prided itself on being fair and balanced. Many viewers are confused and put off by the recent changes at the network.

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