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Laura Ingraham shreds Biden over ‘America last’ agenda, accuses him of ‘selling out American workers’

Laura Ingraham stated emphatically on Fox News that all indications are that the theme of President-elect Joe Biden’s new administration will be “America last.”  She proceeded to rip Biden on a number of fronts including ‘selling out American workers’.

Ingraham bluntly stated Tuesday that 70% of Americans neither felt the 2020 presidential election was free or fair. Nevertheless, Biden is pretending that the election has been certified according to the Fox host.

“I’m letting the world know that America is back,” Biden told the media Tuesday. “America is back in the game. I have had the opportunity to speak with now six world leaders. The reception and welcome we’ve gotten around the world from our allies and our friends has been real.”

The Ingraham Angle” host took issue with the “America is back” line and said it translates to the “noble tradition of subverting U.S. sovereignty by selling out American workers to a world order where key decisions are made overseas with little to no accountability to U.S. citizens here.”

Ingraham was comparing the policies of President Trump to presumed President-elect Biden concerning American jobs and farming out business and work to overseas entities. She argued that Biden was more interested in making global leaders happy than the American people.

As opposed to President Trump’s “America First” approach to domestic and foreign policy, Ingraham claimed Biden has signaled he will defer to world leaders and international institutions who have no accountability to the American people.

Laura pointed out that Trump held NATO accountable by forcing delinquent nations to pitch in their promised share of GDP on national defense, and then he confronted China after decades of Beijing taking advantage of American workers and stealing intellectual property.

Biden, on the other hand, was described by Ingraham as using his platform as a “globalist shop of horrors” that includes rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, a move she said would make America noncompetitive in the global energy market and increase energy costs for working-class homes. America would no longer be energy self-sufficient either.

“Second, Biden would rejoin the World Health Organization,” she stated. “After the fiasco with the WHO’s work on the [corona]virus, Trump was right to put the relationship on ice. The New York Times — the day before the election — even reported … [that] the WHO concealed concessions to China and may have sacrificed the best chance to unravel the virus’ origin.”

She also stated that Biden will make America less safe by rejoining the Iran nuclear deal and undoing Trump’s ban on travel from nations deemed terrorist hotspots.

“Europe loves a compliant United States, so of course they loved Clinton and Obama,” Ingraham said. “Except for [British Prime Minister] Margaret Thatcher and [Pope] John Paul II, Europe didn’t like Reagan because he didn’t take orders from them.”

“Brussels loves a weak U.S. president because it means international pressure will work. Even if it means a lower standard of living for average Americans as a result.”

According to Ingraham, China will love a Biden presidency because it will give them and the WTO free reign to do as they wish once again.

She concluded that Biden will be a weak president because, just as Obama did, he will apologize for America. Ingraham said that Trump has always put America’s interests first, but Biden will always put them last because he is embarrassed by American exceptionalism and believes the U.S. is inherently racist.

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