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‘I didn’t want to do this’: Trump supporter files restraining order against pro-Biden neighbors

On a good day, it’s challenging to be a public President Donald Trump supporter in deep blue California. But consider the plight of a dad in the Sacramento area says he had no choice but to file a restraining order against Biden-backing neighbors who are allegedly taunting him and his family for their pro-Trump political beliefs.

Homeowner Michael Mason told the local CBS News outlet “I didn’t want to do this. They’re making me have to do this. I’m tired of getting harassed all the time. My kids don’t want to come outside.” The CBS news footage embedded below implies that Mason apparently has a Trump 2020 flag flying outside the home.

A judge is scheduled to rule Wednesday as to whether the neighbors in question will be ordered to stay 100 feet away from Mason’s home. “He says his Ring doorbell video shows their children harassing his family with Biden chants outside the home,” the CBS affiliate added. The neighbors so far have declined to talk to CBS reporters.

Mason had to call the police to the block on Saturday to apparently calm down the situation after the corporate media rushed to anoint Joe Biden as the election winner, even though there are several states that have yet to be officially called for either candidate, and extensive legal challenges are already underway from the Trump camp in terms of potential fraudulent voting.

Locals supposedly chalked BLM and LGBTQ outside his house. “I went down there and asked them, ‘Well, why didn’t you write this in front of your house, or anybody else’s house? Why mine?’ And they just laughed at me,” Mason recalled.



Another neighbor who is uninvolved in the dispute chalked it up, as it were, to 2020 being a crazy year.

The Mason family intends to move out of the neighborhood, but Mr. Mason didn’t indicate whether they would look for another place in the same general area or elsewhere.

Parenthetically, because of California’s high-tax, excessively bureaucratic anti-free market climate, with Democrats controlling all levers of state government, compounded by rampant crime and an out-of-control homeless population in the state’s big cities, residents are leaving the former Golden State in droves, taking their businesses with them.

Many are heading to red states such as Texas and Tennessee where businesses are thriving with far-less interference from government and families enjoy a superior and more cost-effective quality of life.

Trump supporters have faced bullying across the country of all kinds, whether it’s in the form of social ostracism, verbal or physical threats, actual assaults, property vandalism, or risking their jobs being canceled by the left.

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