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Schwarzenegger angered by lack of patriotism in America on Veterans Day: ‘It doesn’t make any sense’

Actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed frustration and anger at what he deemed as a lack of patriotism in America while visiting the Los Angeles National Cemetery on Veterans Day. Very few people showed up… perhaps as few as 20 in remembrance of America’s heroes. Schwarzenegger adamantly called for more support for military veterans.

The former California governor, 73, videoed himself during and after a visit to the cemetery. He makes the trip every year on Veterans Day but this year he was greatly disappointed at the turnout.

“I was kind of upset. You have to understand it doesn’t make any sense that in this cemetery, where there are almost 100,000 people buried – veterans – that there are only like, 20 people walking around,” Schwarzenegger vented on social media.

“Think about that. I mean, 20 people for almost 100,000 veterans that are buried there. But then 20,000 or so will go to a political rally where someone promises to make America great,” the actor lamented. He did not name President Trump specifically but the reference was clear that he was taking a shot at Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. The “Terminator” star has in the past voiced his dislike for Trump.

The actor argued that veterans are the real heroes who have made America great.

“No one else!” he went on. “So I hope that next year when I go back to that cemetery that I will see you 20,000 that are so patriotic. I hope I see you there. I think it’s a discussion that we should have: the definition of patriotism. Let’s talk about it.”

Earlier that day, Schwarzenegger thanked the “brave men and women” for making America “the freest country in the world.”

“There’s a lot of people that claim they are responsible for making it the greatest nation, like for instance politicians, but that’s all a bunch of nonsense,” he stated.

He summed it up with: “The men, the women that sacrificed their lives, they are the true action heroes so I say thank you to them. When you think back to the Second World War, which ended 75 years ago, since then we have had peace not only around the world but especially in Europe. So thank you to the veterans. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart from this immigrant. Everything that happened in my life, all the successes, it’s because of you.”

Schwarzenegger’s videoed message comes weeks after he underwent heart surgery to receive a new aortic valve. He has a congenital heart defect and last underwent heart surgery in 2018, when complications arose during an experimental procedure to replace a catheter valve in his heart.

A number of commenters on Arnold’s social media noted that Veterans Day is technically dedicated to current and living vets, whereas Memorial Day is more about the fallen.

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