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Michaels quick to respond when actor Scott Baio tweets pic of pro-Trump candle display

Hollywood Trump supporter and actor Scott Baio posted an image on Thursday from a Michaels arts and craft store that spelled out “Trump is still your president.” Baio didn’t specify whether he personally rearranged a bunch of candle mugs in the display case to send that message, but he added “Fun times at Michaels…God Bless President Trump and God bless America.”

President Trump, who continues to signify optimism about winning a second term despite the corporate media’s rush to judgment in favor of rival Joe Biden, expressed his appreciation for the gesture on Twitter.

“Thank you Scott, and stay tuned. You are terrific!” the president replied.

Michaels subsequently issued a statement that it shelved, as it were, the candle creation at the store whose location is unidentified. “At Michaels we strive to maintain an inclusive environment for all our team members and customers. [The product array] was not created by Michaels and has been dismantled.”

For anyone in front or behind the camera in the entertainment industry, publicly supporting a Republican — let alone Trump — usually results in bullying if not immediate career cancellation inflicted on them by purportedly tolerant liberals. Social media backlash is also a big part of the equation.

The peer pressure to go along with the woke ideology is enormous. Thus, most conservative-leaning individuals in Hollywood keep their views quiet. The same generally holds true for anyone applying for a teaching job in academia: You’re either left — or left out.

Those in the acting profession who have vocally backed Trump are so far along in their careers (with enough cash in the bank), or are no longer fully active in that space, so they are more able to speak freely without losing a paycheck.

Baio is best known for his role as Chachi in the popular Happy Days sitcom which aired from 1977-1984.

Earlier this year, some aisle art in the form of signage that read “USA Vote Trump” at Hobby Lobby, another nationwide crafts chain, prompted calls by triggered liberals for a boycott.

Last month, Scott Baio declined to participate in a Happy Days cast reunion which was touted as a fundraising vehicle for Wisconsin’s Democrat Party.

This is what the actor told Maria Bartiromo, the host of Mornings with Maria on Fox Business, about his objection to conflating the show with politics, as well as idea that John Stamos could replace him at the event.

“Here’s what I don’t get. To take a show like Happy Days that represented traditional American values, good morals, a slice of Americana — and to use that show and those ideals to promote two people in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that condone, encourage, and foment rioting and looting is a little bizarre to me

“I’m not on board obviously because I don’t believe in socialism and Marxism, and it’s good to know that Stamos is part of the Hollywood elite, Marxist crowd,” he concluded.


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