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Candace Owens: Obama’s book is ‘despicable’, he’s the first President to leave WH ‘hating America’

Activist Candace Owens appeared on “The Sean Hannity Show” and blasted former President Barack Obama over his forthcoming memoir, “A Promised Land.” The suggestion by former President Barack Obama that President Trump’s rise to power was a product of racism is “absolutely despicable,” Owens emphatically stated to Hannity on Thursday.

In his memoir, Obama claims Trump’s presidency was the result of “millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House.” Owens said that Obama’s recent comments about the Republican party and racism in the United States were ‘absolutely despicable’ since white Americans had voted him into office.

She also accused him of showing a lack of respect to those who voted for him who “gave him literally everything he has.”

Owens revisited Obama’s historic election in 2008 and pointed out that he ran his campaign on the American Dream and was driven by a “kinetic energy” that has since been seemingly pushed aside.

“It felt like we finally had arrived at a place in this country where we could put the past in the past,” she stated. “Barack Obama became the president of the United States because White Americans supported him. And rather than show some unity, rather than show some respect for this country that gave him literally everything he has, he turns his back … and says, ‘Look at this despicable country. It’s broken.’”

“He is the first president that has ever sat in the White House and come out … hating America,” she continued.

Owens took issue with the Democratic party and she accused them of seeing Black voters as a “means to an end” and then said that the Obama presidency did nothing to help Black people because the party wants them to be a “permanent voting block.” This was in answer to a question about Obama claiming that Republicans are xenophobic and paranoid.

Owens also made the point that President Trump has spent his term in office attempting to strengthen the Black community, doubling his support among Black women and that he has “garnered 18% of the Black male vote.”

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“Do you think that [Democrats] could have the humility to pause for a second and say, ‘You know what? Maybe it’s not because every single person in America is a racist,’” she said. “People are standing behind Donald J. Trump because he is an effective and good leader who tells the truth and doesn’t … run on identity politics.”

According to early voting data compiled by NBC, Trump picked up 20 percent of Black male voters which is an increase of two percent since 2016.

While 80 percent voted for Joe Biden, that figure was down from 82 percent for Hillary Clinton and from 95 percent for Obama.

52 percent of Black men who identified as ideologically conservative cast their vote for the president and 1 in 3 Black men living in the Midwest also voted for him.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell was also on Hannity’s show. He accused Obama of blaming failure in his presidency on racism as well.

“Let’s look at what he’s been doing for eight years: Black Lives Matter came about, Black on Black crime increased, Black poverty rate increased,” he said.

“This is a man who was now using racism as a basis to justify his failure and he’s playing the race card. He’s right about one thing, it did give Donald Trump the rise because Donald Trump asked Black Americans what do you have to lose? You just had eight years of Barack Obama, nothing happened.”

Terrell added that Trump won more Black votes for “not playing the race card.”

“They look at performance,” he said concerning Black Trump supporters, “and in those four years of Donald J. Trump he’s done more than eight years of Obama and Biden and that’s what frustrates Barack Obama. That’s why he has to go to the race card.”

Obama claimed that President Trump was “delegitimizing democracy” and placing the country on a “dangerous path” concerning election fraud claims in an interview with ’60 Minutes’ released on Thursday.

He stated that he was troubled that the GOP was backing Trump’s challenge over the election results.

“They appear to be motivated, in part, because the president doesn’t like to lose and never admits loss,” Obama said.

“I’m more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this, are humoring him in this fashion,” Obama added.

“It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally. And that’s a dangerous path.”

In his 768-page tome, set to be published on November 17, Obama reflects on his political career as well as his personal life.

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