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No self-awareness: Adam Schiff, Joy Reid ring alarm bells over GOP investigating Biden

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who was the leader of the pack when it came to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, suddenly thinks that congressional probes are bad for the country and warned of Republicans trying to “delegitimize Joe Biden.” Schiff was also the House Intelligence Committee chairman who infamously refused to disclose the identity of the witness at the center of Trump’s impeachment case.

“Both House and Senate Republicans have made it clear that when … the normal order resumes, when Congress is back in session, and at work, they’re not interested in doing any work that involves legislating or helping people during this awful pandemic,” MSNBC host Joy Reid said to Schiff on Thursday on her show “The ReidOut.”

“What they want to focus on is investigating,” Reid added. “Is this what we’re going to have to sit through for the next four years, Republicans just doing investigations and refusing to legislate?”

Historically speaking, that is what Democrats reportedly did in Trump’s administration. Schiff, who spent the last four years wrapped up in various investigations himself, said “we might” have to sit through new probes.

“This wouldn’t be going on right now, this obstruction of the transition wouldn’t be going on if the Republicans weren’t allowing it to go on,” Schiff said before accusing Republicans of “tearing down our democracy.” He has also claimed that Republican enablers and President Trump are slowly suffocating our democracy.

“It is just tearing down our democracy,” Schiff said. “I do expect, in the new Congress, that yes, they’ll continue to try to go after Joe Biden, delegitimize Joe Biden. They won’t be interested in getting things done.”

Schiff has come under fire recently for allegedly covering up Hunter Biden allegations which will no doubt warrant an investigation at some point of its own.

Adam Schiff also penned an article at USAToday decrying Trump’s refusal to concede the presidential race and accusing him of putting national security at risk.

“The results of this election are clear: Trump lost, Biden won, and no amount of misinformation spread by the president will change that. It isn’t even close. Biden won with likely more than 300 Electoral College votes and a margin of more than 5 million popular votes.”

“The president’s rejection of the verdict of the American people is without precedent. His baseless and repeated accusations of vote-rigging, fraud and cheating by Democrats are not only a direct challenge to governance here at home, they are also imperiling a pillar of American foreign policy by casting doubt on the fairness and functioning of our system of government at a time when the very idea of liberal democracy is under assault around the globe. Dictators and wannabe authoritarians will take notice, and emulate Trump, just as they have before.”

Schiff shamelessly went on: “But more than undermining our standing abroad, Trump’s refusal to direct his administration to work with the incoming Biden team is dangerous. Trump is thus far denying his successor access to departments and agencies across the federal government and to classified briefings by our intelligence agencies. In doing so, Trump is preventing a seamless handoff during a deadly pandemic, and damaging the country’s readiness if there is a foreign policy crisis during Biden’s first few weeks in office.”

Reid’s video interview of Schiff went viral on social media almost immediately. Many pointed out the hypocrisy on Twitter:


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