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First ever wine for conservatives takes off across country as recounts loom

America was built on the fundamental values of limited government, the right to bear arms and individual freedom. And it was through these values that our country became a universal superpower, feared by our enemies, and called upon frequently by our allies. 

But our country has become more divided than ever as Democratic politicians consistently condemn American exceptionalism and patriotism. In recent months, Americans, led by the rhetoric of Democrats in power, have taken to the streets to riot, burn and loot local businesses and have called to defund the police. 

Democratic governors have instituted strict and outright unconstitutional lockdowns in response to the novel coronavirus, wrecking the economy and, by extension, the American dream.

All this in mind, it is imperative, now more than ever, that conservatives come together to take back our great country to not only retain its superpower status but to retain our God-given rights. 

How can conservatives take back the country? Well, there are many different ways, but We The People Wine is making it as easy as pouring a glass of wine. 

We The People Wine is the first American wine made by conservatives, for conservatives. 

We The People Wine barrels

The company believes in the conservative values that have made our country so great, and this patriotism is represented in the company’s branding, from the name to the label. But more importantly, part of the proceeds from each bottle sold goes directly to conservative campaigns. So, your nightly glass of chardonnay now has a positive impact on our government, both on the local and national levels.

Many companies have made public political stances. Unfortunately, many companies have taken a stand alongside democratic socialists, and against our great Nation. For example: the NFL publicly sided with BLM protesters, and back in 2018, Nike unveiled a national campaign starring former-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who became infamous for kneeling during the National Anthem. Socialism is being celebrated, and conservatism is being lost.

Thankfully, We The People is making conservatism mainstream again.

We The People currently offers two wines, which are hand-crafted in California: a cabernet sauvignon and a California chardonnay. The cab boasts a deep ruby and purple hue with flavors of blueberry and cherry. The chardonnay’s flavor profile is driven by stone fruit and baked apples, while a medium body balances fresh acidity in its clean finish.

As the election continues to drag on, We The People is currently offering $1 shipping on all orders of three or more bottles of wine. The store also offers various wine club packages, so you can have wine delivered directly to your door on a monthly basis. 

Taking back the country requires action. Pouring a glass of We The People Wine is one of the easiest, and funnest, ways to stand for your conservative values. So, drink up! The wine can be purchased at www.wethepeople.wine. Also — you can repost their content by following their Instagram here. You’ll be sure to anger any liberal still lingering on your friends list.

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