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‘Christmas is probably not going to be possible’: Jake Tapper goes Grinch with grim prediction

CNN Jake Tapper might be auditioning as a side hustle for the title role in How the Grinch Stole Christmas based on comments that he made during a TV interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In the general context of a COVID-19 vaccine which might not be fully deployed until the second or third quarters of 2021, Tapper suggested that “Christmas is probably not going to be possible” this year presumably because it’s too unsafe for families to get together.

COVID cases are spiking in some states, with the terms cases and positive COVD test results perhaps being used interchangeably.

Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, cautioned during the interview on Tapper’s show State of the Union that the U.S. must continue “fundamental public measures” including social distancing and masks even with the vaccine going into distribution throughout the general population and that “synergize with the vaccine.”

“I would recommend to people not to abandon all public health measures just because you’ve been vaccinated,” Fauci added.

Parenthetically, with his heavy public-appearance profile, Dr. Fauci seems to spend most of his time doing media interviews rather than studying data, looking into a microscope, or interacting with actual patients.

In the meantime, Jake Tapper — who previously made a mess of trying to mediate between the New York Post and Twitter — is playing the victim card after his remarks embedded above prompted controversy on social media

Regardless of who is sitting in the anchor chair at any particular time, CNN critics have accused the network of fear-mongering about the coronavirus to generate ratings and with a political agenda that aggressively skews anti-Trump.

Moreover, persistent allegations of flip-flopping about coronavirus recommendations have surrounded Jake Tapper’s wingman Anthony Fauci since the pandemic broke out.

Last month, Fauci told Yahoo News that insofar as Thanksgiving dinner is concerned, “I think we need to realize things might be different this year, particularly if you want to have people who are going to be flying in from a place that has a lot of infection – you’re going to an airport that might be crowded, you’re on a plane, and then to come in — unless you absolutely know you’re not infected — there are many people who are not going to want to take that risk…Each individual family needs to make the decision based upon the risk situation in your own family.

He added that “hopefully by Christmas” things will have improved, which may or may not be the view that he still holds.

As alluded to above, Tapper’s Grinch-like comments about Christmas were, for many Twitter users, as popular as a lump of coal. Here is sample:

In an example of interesting timing, Big Pharma firm Pfizer announced just two days after the corporate media designated Joe Biden as the president-elect that its vaccine under development is purportedly 90 percent effective against COVID.

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