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Embarrassing photos of Gavin Newsom’s posh dinner leave questions about his apology

It appears that lockdown-loving Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s apology for attending a crowded “outdoor” birthday party for a lobbyist friend at an upscale French restaurant is starting to cause some further heartburn for both he and his constituents who expect the state’s leader to abide by the same stringent rules he has imposed on them.

A guest at another table at the Napa eatery snapped some pictures of the far-left Democrat without a mask and not social distancing in an apparent indoor setting during the festivities, all of which runs counter to the COVID-19 protocols that he has imposed on the state. Fox 11 Los Angeles shared these images, which the station says are legit, on social media.

In what might amount to acknowledging some dirty laundry, as it were, Newsom has admitted that his attendance at the French Laundry restaurant was a “bad mistake,” and that he needs “to preach and practice, not just preach and not practice.”

It also further reveals the hypocrisy of the limousine liberal contingent that repeatedly flouts the policies that they self-righteously champion for those who don’t move in elite circles.

The witness who purportedly took the photos of the dinner party told Fox 11 that after recognizing Newsom, and confirming with a waitress that it was indeed him “I was able to document this especially since nobody was wearing a mask. It was a very large group of people shoulder to shoulder, something that he’s always telling us not to do, so yeah, it was a bit annoying for sure.”

Parenthetically, state guidance currently prohibits gatherings consisting of more than three households.

She also claimed that the restaurant closed off the room where the Newsom group was located with glass doors because they were so noisy. A spokesperson for the birthday boy insists that the restaurant and the group followed government health guidance and requested outdoor seating.

Watch the Fox 11 report embedded below:

Because of a surge of coronavirus cases in California, with the terms cases and positive COVD test results perhaps being used interchangeably, Newsom this week announced new restrictions which he described as an emergency brake on the pandemic. In most counties in the state, this will mandate the shutdown of churches, gyms, movie theaters and in-restaurant dining as well as wearing masks outdoors.

Newsom previously issued draconian Thanksgiving rules requiring that gatherings be held outside, that attendees keep masks on at all times except when eating, that attendees only be allowed to use a bathroom if it’s been properly sanitized, that families keep six feet apart from one another, that the gathering last no longer than two hours and no singing.


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