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Attorney Lin Wood to Mark Levin: ‘I believe, election was clearly a 70 percent-plus landslide’ for Trump

Lawyer Lin Wood claims that President Donald Trump won Election 2020 in a landslide if illegal votes get set aside.

Wood, who is best known as the First Amendment attorney who represented Richard Jewell and Nicholas Sandman, boldy declared on Mark Levin’s radio show that “This election was a fraud. Donald Trump won, I believe, clearly a 70 percent-plus landslide election in the nation. He probably won over 400 electoral votes,” Wood said.

“So we’re uncovering step by step the layers of the onion. And we’re gonna get to the truth. And the truth is, Donald Trump has been re-elected by this country to serve as president for four more years,” Lin, who is challenging the Georgia election results on behalf of the Trump campaign, declared.

“Donald Trump won by such a large margin that in the middle of the night they had to stop counting. And you’ll see in key states, they started bringing in ballots by the truckload, all of them for Biden, many of them in these mail-in ballots with little bubbles for you to circle over the person you selected all of them for [Biden] with perfect circles. I believe upon examination you’re going to find those perfect circles were made by a computer. This election was stolen, but they got caught,” he also claimed.

A recount is underway in Georgia, but the GOP secretary of state apparently is unaware that a recount without an audit is relatively meaningless as President Trump noted today on Twitter.

Wood, who insists that the Trump landslide victory includes Georgia absent illegal votes, wants the legislator to selector electoral college representatives who will vote for Trump and is calling for a new election in Georgia for the down-ballot races “because the whole process was infected by an illegal absentee ballot procedure.”

Given the intense political influence in play as well as the pressure from the head-in-the-sand liberal corporate media, however this unprecedented action may be a bridge too far for the legislature, although two U.S. Senate runoffs are scheduled in Georgia for January 5, 2021.

Lin Wood found common ground with former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell who has alleged that the Dominion electronic voting software was compromised, describing it as a “computer virus.”

“The computer voting system in Georgia, Dominion, contains software that was manipulated, where they controlled the voting within a network of corporations around the globe,” Wood insisted.

Watch the portion of the Mark Levin interview embedded below and draw your own conclusions:


On Howie Carr’s Boston-based talk show, Lin Wood expressed confidence that Powell has found multiple “smoking guns” insofar as alleged Dominion corruption is concerned.

“I’ve seen sworn affidavits, I’ve seen sworn video statements. I think Sidney and Rudy [Giuliani] have done a magnificent job in a short period of time of piecing together a solid legal case on what was intended to be a complicated scheme of fraud as it relates to the voting machines. When you boil it down, it simply amounts to the fact that the United States of America was relying on voting machines that were subject to manipulation. We might want to go back to the days where we fill in hand ballot, sign in, let people count it.

“When you open the door to these types of computers, you’re opening the door for people to manipulate, to hack, and to defraud people. And that’s exactly what was done here. There’s no doubt in my mind about it,” Lin Wood told Carr.

On Election Night, Trump was winning in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, only to see his lead dissipate as additional ballots arrived in the early morning hours that overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden. Agree or disagree with Lin Wood’s theories, this statistically anomalous result occurred even as the GOP was racking up seats in the U.S. House and solidified its hold on state legislatures across the country.

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