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Rockefeller Center’s tragic Christmas tree looks like it’s been through 2020! ‘Is this a joke?’

2020 has been a tough year for America. And it would seem it’s been rough for Rockefeller Center’s famous Christmas tree as well. The iconic tree from central New York was set up on Tuesday just ahead of the holiday season and Twitter users were merciless when it came to describing New York’s symbol of Christmas this year.

There were a number of videos. One looks like it shows the bottom portion of the tree falling off as a crane lifted it into place. Many compared the tree to “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The tree was mocked as bald and downright ugly.

Others pointed out that the tree fits the mood in 2020 and was appropriate for the pandemic.

The 75-foot Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is an iconic part of the holiday season for some New York City residents and visitors. This year, the Norway Spruce is set to be lit on Dec. 2, according to the Rockefeller Center’s website.

101.5 WPOH put it succinctly: “You know it’s 2020 when an enormous Norway Spruce is being cyberbullied.”

The reaction to the tree was far less than enthusiastic and many seemed disappointed by the choice this year.

Some even blamed Mayor de Blasio – from Bernard Kerik: “What is this, a joke? This is the Rockefeller Christmas tree for 2020. It depicts
@NYCMayor‘s city as it stands today: broken, empty, drained of its life, by failed leadership and incompetence.”

Thousands of commenters took to Facebook and made disparaging and sometimes funny comments on the photo of the tree being hoisted upright by crews on Saturday at Rockefeller Plaza. The picture shows the massive tree with what appears to be bare, spindly branches.

Vulture went even further:

“If you happen to be reading this from midtown Manhattan, lift your ear to the sky. You may hear a low wail. Follow the sound to 45 Rockefeller Plaza and behold, it’s 2020’s Rockefeller Christmas tree, and she is in pain. The 75-foot Norway Spruce was driven from Oneonta, NY onto Rockefeller Plaza and lifted into place by a crane on Saturday. The Rockefeller Christmas tree is, of course, a beloved New York institution, but Twitter users were quick to point out that this year’s tree looked a little worse for wear, with its sparse leaves and crooked branches. Many drew attention to its resemblance to Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, and even more bemoaned the fact that 2020 denied us even the simple pleasure of a perennial holiday tradition. But in this poor tree’s defense: who among us doesn’t look a bit haggard and defeated after the year we’ve had? This tree, despite all of her damage and defects, showed up anyway, and so to her we say: shine on.”

Some also compared the tree to the Fountain Square Tree in Cincinnati, which was mocked earlier this month.

“Rockefeller Tree trying to make a run against the Fountain Square Tree for the charlie brownest tree 2020,” one Twitter user stated.

“The Rockefeller tree. The Cincinnati tree. You know what? ALL 2020 Christmas trees should be Charlie Brown trees. Every dang one. I wouldn’t have it any other way. On New Year’s Eve, we can light them all on fire and pretend none of this ever happened,” another tweeted.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was cut down Thursday in Oneonta and loaded onto a 115-foot-long trailer before arriving in NYC. The tree will be decorated over the coming weeks, with added branches and more than 5 miles of lights.

A tree-lighting ceremony is scheduled for Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. on NBC’s “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” special. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no public access to this year’s event, but the lighting will be broadcast on television to continue the tradition.

The New York Police Department on Saturday shared a video of officers escorting the tree as it was officially transported from Oneonta, NY, to Manhattan.

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