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Mike Lee demands that Sen. Feinstein apologize for falsely claiming that Trump incited violence

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) confronted Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) over her assertion that President Trump’s tweets incite violence. He wants an apology from her and said that the only violence he is aware of comes from Antifa, not from the president or Trump’s supporters who attended a massive rally in D.C.

“You had Washington, D.C., full to overflowing with peaceful Trump protesters. People protesting who are signaling their support for President Trump and showing gratitude for it,” Lee said in an interview with “Fox & Friends.”

“Industrial-strength fireworks” were shot at places where people were eating, Lee stated.

“You had people approaching and beating up and saying vile things and putting people in physical danger including elderly people, including women and children. All of this was done by Trump haters, by Antifa people who couldn’t handle the fact that there were people peacefully showing their support for President Trump,” Lee said.

When Feinstein appeared to advocate for more censorship of Trump on social media during a hearing with Big Tech CEOs on Tuesday.

“On Nov. 7, President Trump tweeted this: ‘I won this election by a lot,'” Feinstein reported during the Senate hearing. “The warning label that Twitter has applied to the tweet ‘Official sources may not have called the race when this was tweeted’ … Does that label do enough to prevent the tweet’s harms?”

Feinstein also said the following: “After President Trump falsely claimed that the election was being stolen, a group called Stop the Steal was started on Facebook. It grew to more than 300,000 users in less than a day making it one of the fastest-growing groups, I understand, in Facebook history,” Feinstein said. “You shut the group down, but substantial damage already had been done.”

“Trump supporters, some of them armed with assault weapons, held Stop the Steal rallies outside election offices. In Philadelphia, two armed supporters who had traveled from Virginia were arrested on their way to the city’s vote-counting center.”

“Here is the question. This is a tough one. What are your concerns about the spread of misinformation, no matter how innocent it is, or it is not innocent, like Trump’s claims about the election, that they may incite violence?”

Zuckerberg responded in kind: “Senator, I’m very worried about this especially any misinformation or content that could incite violence, and during such a volatile period like this, one of our top priorities is making sure that people don’t use our platform to organize any violence or civil unrest, and that was the basis under which we took that group because there were a number of members who were posting potentially violent or encouraging violent comments that violated our policies.”

“We also have broader policies in place around trying to slow the spread of misinformation more broadly, even when it is not going to lead to some kind of violence or imminent harm, and that’s why we’ve created this independent fact-checking program where we work with more than 80 partners around the world to help do fact-checking because people in our community have told us they don’t want to see misinformation, but they don’t want us to be deciding what is true and false.”

“So we have taken the step of building this program, which I believe is more sophisticated than what anyone else in our industry has. I’m very focused on these issues.”

“I’m happy to hear that because I’m really struck by it that people armed with assault weapons as a product of a tweet could rally outside an election office,” Feinstein claimed. “It’s really a serious issue that needs to be considered, and there need to be once you signal that … it has to be in some way abated or some way pointed out or restructured on the internet itself.”

Lee waited for Feinstein to finish and then retorted: “I’d like to note that as far as the president’s election and how they turned out inciting violence, I’d like to point out that the only violence I’m aware of has occurred in connection with Antifa, Antifa’s response to pro-Trump peaceful rally attenders.”

On Fox, Lee stated that Feinstein’s comment was “inappropriate.”

“I don’t know what my colleague Sen. Feinstein was talking about but that was an inappropriate comment,” Lee put forth.

“Not one act of violence has been linked to President Trump in connection with events surrounding this election and I think she needs to recant her statement and apologize.”

Lee’s dustup with Feinstein comes just days after reported Black Lives Matter and Antifa members were seen in several viral videos calling for violence and openly assaulting and stealing property from Trump supporters leaving the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C.

Lee added that social media platforms are “taking a very distinctively partisan approach, and not a neutral one, to election-related content moderation.”


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