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A naughty list for Santa of the biggest COVID-19 hypocrites of the year

While Democratic leaders are issuing COVID-19 mandates left and right, it should be noted that they are allegedly some of the biggest violators of their own orders. The list is extensive and long and Americans are taking note of the “rules for thee but not for me” politicians.

The Daily Caller’s Mary Margaret Olohan has put together an eye-opening thread compiling the biggest COVID-19 hypocrites in government. They all have one thing strikingly in common… they are Democrats.

You have leaders such as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defending a haircut during the lockdown of her city. Nancy Pelosi did the same thing in San Francisco and was caught on tape for it.

And as a number of Democrats did when Biden declared he had won the presidency, Lightfoot celebrated in the streets. So did Senator Chuck Schumer.

Now you have Democratic governors in states like California, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and North Carolina who are mandating indoor gatherings, including those that take place at private residences. They are to be limited to no more than 10 people, in what they say is an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But politicians such as California’s Governor Gavin Newsom and Nevada’s Governor Sisolak have been caught at gatherings with more than 10 people and without face masks.

California politicians are getting ready to participate in a week-long policy conference in Hawaii even as they are urging their citizens to refrain from travel and indoor gatherings such as Thanksgiving. This is yet another example of lockdowns put in place for their constituents but not so much for their leaders.

NBC News reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell posted a photo of the indoor dining hall where Pelosi was set to host a rather elegant indoor gathering of incoming Democratic House members. Pelosi told her it would be safe. “It’s very spaced,” Pelosi stated.

People were incensed by the planned party and thousands of condemnations poured in via social media. Liberals were upset Pelosi yet again made them look like elitist hypocrites and conservatives were furious over her actions at a time when Republicans are being shamed for publicly stating they have no intentions of abiding by Democratic mandates on indoor gatherings during the holidays.

The party was canceled soon thereafter due to the backlash.

When a Republican NYC Councilman announced he would be defying Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gathering limits on Thanksgiving, MSNBC’s “All In” host Chris Hayes, a Democrat, accused the Republican Party of having “basically taken the side of the virus,” saying they were “actively trying to spread it.”

But a few days prior to Hayes’ call for “virtual Thanksgivings,” he encouraged Democrats to take to the streets to celebrate a Biden-Harris “victory.” He did, however, advise revelers to wear masks.

The list goes on and on…

  • New York Governor Cuomo did not apologize for visiting Georgia and hugging the Georgia mayor without a mask.
  • VA Governor Northam apologized for not wearing a mask at the beach.
  • You have Senator Feinstein lecturing people in Congress to wear a mask and then she roams the halls without one.

Americans are reportedly confused by the “do as I say, not do as I do” mandates put in place by their leaders. This is just one of the numerous lists that are being compiled on the subject.

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