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Outrage as Wisconsin Election Committee seeks to change rules AFTER Trump files for recount

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has called out the rank partisanship in play as Wisconsin Democrats try to change the established rulebook for election recounts after the Trump team filed its legal paperwork for a review of the ballots.

Taking to Twitter, Priebus wrote “Let’s get this straight. The Trump campaign sent the Wis Election Comm. $3 mill and filed its petition for a recount. Then the WEC immediately called a special meeting to change certain recount rules that deal with the issues brought up in the petition? You can’t make this up!”

“The commissioners deadlocked on making changes to the manual that Democrats and elections commission staff said would bring the guidance into line with current state law. Republicans balked, saying the guidelines should not be changed after Trump filed for the recount,” AP reported about this confusing scenario. “Their inability to agree leaves in place guidance that says absentee ballot applications must be approved as part of the recount, even though commission staff said that’s not required under the law.”

The Trump campaign is seeking a recount in two Democrat strongholds, Dane County (Madison) and Milwaukee County. Against this backdrop, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described the Wisconsin Election Commission meeting as a “partisan brawl” between the three GOP and three Democrat commissioners, which consumed 5-1/2 hours of arguing about various protocols.

In what seems like a recipe for chaos, “The commissioners inability to get along suggested the recount will be brutal and will likely end in a courtroom…The Democrats said the counties should follow the state’s recount law and not necessarily the recount manual the commission approved,” the Sentinel added.

The commission ultimately gave a green light to the recount starting November 20 and wrapping up by December 1.

Given the lack of consensus, the matter is not definitely resolved and will likely end up in court as alluded to above.

GOP commissioners questioned whether Democrat county clerks would canvas in a legitimate manner or allow meaningful access for Republican monitors to observe the counting process (which was a major issue in Philadelphia and Detroit, for example).

“If they can figure out a way using the pandemic to … make it harder to see what’s going on, to make it harder to observe, then that wouldn’t be out of character because Democrats have been trying to do that for six months,” Republican Dean Knudson remarked.

As it stands now, Democrat nominee Joe Biden won Wisconsin by just about 20,000 votes, a margin of approximately 0.6 percent, which includes the hocus-pocus that occurred in the middle of the night in some precincts, as President Trump himself noted on social media.


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