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Michigan GOP officials tell Laura Ingraham why they rescinded their certification votes

The two GOP officials on the board of canvassers in Democrat-stronghold Wayne County, Mich., who made headlines by initially balking over certifying the election results appeared exclusively Thursday night on FNC’s The Ingraham Angle to talk about their ordeal of allegedly being bullied after highlighting ballot discrepancies.

One of them, Monica Powell, told Laura Ingraham how she was doxed, smeared as a racist, and threatened for not immediately rubbing-stamping Joe Biden’s purported win in the Detroit-area jurisdiction.

Referring to a vocal local businessman in particular, Powell explained that “he’s used his social media platform to repeatedly doxx me, post my phone number, my home address, my email address, and encouraged people to stop by their house and share their anger with me…

“I’m very lucky to have a supportive family: they’re behind me 100%. They believe I am doing the right thing. And we’re just taking it one day at a time and being thankful for each other. I reached out to my parents; they’re a little concerned, rightly so, with what they are seeing in the news and on social media, so we’re just doing the best we can to stay safe,” Powell added.

Powell and colleague William C. Hartmann ultimately agreed under pressure to certify the vote. They subsequently reversed course with affidavits rescinding their approval, but it may too late to have any legal effect in that their earlier decision is considered binding.

Hartmann noted that his primary issue is that the number of ballots and the number of votes don’t match in Detroit, a scenario which is defined as unbalanced or out of balance.

“We want everything to balance like your checkbook balance is to your bank account, and if everything balances, then you can recount it, but if it doesn’t balance, then you cannot recount it. That’s our goal, is to try to get everything in balance.


(Source: Fox News)

Ingraham reported during the interview that a GOP official on the Michigan canvassing board is leaning toward seeking a delay in the statewide certification until the discrepancies can be sorted out through an audit.

Powell reacted as follows:

“It’s absolutely needed. The purpose of the canvas is to make sure every legal vote is counted and tallied right, that you have complete and accurate documentation. When you have a precinct that is unbalanced without an explanation, that doesn’t satisfy the requirement, that is why we initially voted no for certification.

“After some deliberation with Vice Chair Kinloch, he offered an audit for unbalanced precincts; an audit comprehensive should be able to dig down and find the explanation of why the number of voters doesn’t match the number of ballots cast. So I’m excited to see that there’s a spread for this desire to see the rules followed consistently across the state.”

Concluding the discussion, Ingraham praised the duo’s courage for speaking out. Perhaps distinguishing herself from other Fox News anchors, as well as the corporate media generally, Ingraham declared that “we take every allegation seriously, and we take every concern from people who know this world of canvassing and counting and the process very seriously.”

Michigan was one of several key states where hocus-pocus allegedly occurred in the middle of the night that ovewhelmingly favored Biden. In this context, President Trump shared some relevant data this morning on Twitter.


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