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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is ‘a little jealous’ of how affable media treats Biden

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has admitted that she’s envious about the sycophantic way the corporate media is interacting with Joe Biden as opposed to the hostile tone they took with her former boss Donald Trump as well as Huckabee herself during routinely contentious press briefings.

Sanders provided this assessment in an appearance on FNC’s Watters’ World on Saturday evening, November 21. Watters started off the segment with some clips of fawning questions posed by reporters during a Joe Biden press conference. Watters noted that while Biden gets kid-glove treatment, with Trump “the gloves come off.”

“I’ll be honest, I’m a little jealous. I wish I had a couple of those softball questions when I was in the briefing room. I don’t remember any reporter at any point ever setting up any type of friendly questions the way they do with Joe Biden,” Sanders remarked.

“I don’t think anybody’s surprised. They gave him a free pass during the entire campaign process. He most of the time didn’t even take questions. When they finally did, they were scripted and very short.”

“I don’t think this comes as a shock to anybody who’s paid attention over the last year and a half on the campaign trail. But it is still astonishing to see the difference in the way that the press treats Joe Biden versus the way they’ve treated President Trump over the last, not just four years, but last probably 5-1/2 years.”


Sanders and the media argued on a daily basis, but her successor, the super-prepared warrior princess Kayleigh McEnany, has taken it to a whole new level.

Voters should already be accustomed to the way the mainstream media is behaving and has behaved during the election 2020 season. Barack Obama rarely, if ever, had to face tough questions during his eight years in office from journalists who functioned little more than stenographers for the administration, or as Instapundit‘s Glenn Reynolds has characterized it, “Democrat operatives with bylines.”

It is an oddity of history perhaps that reporters and commentators who have substantially benefited financially from the free enterprise system appear so anxious to foist centralized planning and socialism on America.

“This is getting bad fast,” Watters quipped about the media’s Biden love-fest.

New presidents usually get what’s traditionally called a honeymoon with the media upon taking office, but with Trump, they sought an immediate divorce, if not an annulment.

As alluded to above, President Trump regularly fielded questions from the media, whether in a formal setting or impromptu on an airport tarmac or outside the White House on the way to the Marine One helicopter. His rallies garnered massive attendance. Biden seldom left his basement, occasionally showing up on Zoom or in another tightly controlled digital format. Hardly anyone showed up in the few instances when he ventured out onto the campaign trail.

Parenthetically, speculation has emerged that Sarah Huckabee Sanders might run for Arkansas governor in 2022, a job her dad Mike Huckabee held from 1996 to 2007.

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