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This Week’s Top Cartoons

Regardless of the quantity, if it’s fraud it DOES matter.

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

Free speech assassin.


  1. Dave November 23, 2020

    The democrats are ignoring the fact there are bogus and duplicate votes. Duplicate ballots for BIDEN do not count! It is FRAUD, especially when the polling places are changing votes to Biden and throwing out the Trump ballots

  2. Randy Justice November 28, 2020

    If Biden is allowed to steal this election, then this government MUST be taken over by actual honest AMERICAN CITIZENS, by force if necessary !!!! THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HAS BECOME THE PARTY OF CRIMINALS, COMMUNISTS, AND FOREIGNERS !!!! TIME FOR CIVIL WAR TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!

  3. Carl Mac November 29, 2020

    Everyone in biden group needs to be in prison they are ALL criminals and biden is their leader with that idiot running mate she is TOXIC.

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