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Giuliani suggests the real reason why Sidney Powell was separated from Trump’s legal team

Host Lou Dobbs sat down with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on Fox Business to discuss the Trump legal team’s separation from attorney Sidney Powell. Giuliani was concise in his explanation, citing a difference in theories.

“I think it’s because we’re pursuing two different theories,” Giuliani said. He stated that the Trump legal team was focused on “misconduct of the election” by state officials, which he argued deprived the constitutional rights of the president, and predicted that several prongs of their endeavor, including the legal fight in Pennsylvania, will make their way to the Supreme Court.

“Our theory of the case to get to the Supreme Court, now in four places and it’s soon going to be in two others—and there will be an overall lawsuit—is basically misconduct of the election by state officials in at least five or six different states in which the misconduct of the election involved deprivation of constitutional rights for the president.”

Powell is focusing more on the Dominion voting machines and those that are tied to their software and distribution. Giuliani did not address the specifics of Powell’s theory.

Powell is a former federal prosecutor just as Giuliani is. She has made numerous explosive claims concerning voting machines switching millions of votes from Trump to President-elect Joe Biden, which have been denied by the voting machine companies. She has even called for criminal investigations into the matter and has claimed that Trump won in a landslide.

Powell is also indicating that two Republican officials are involved in the scandal. Speaking to Newsmax earlier in the day, Powell claimed that the Republican Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia and his Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had been paid to be involved in dealings with the Dominion Voting Systems.

She also made the claim that Sen. Kelly Loeffler would have finished behind GOP Rep. Doug Collins in the Georgia special election were it not for the Dominion voting machines. Powell has not provided any evidence to substantiate her claims as of yet but legal proceedings are still pending.

Powell released a statement on Sunday stating that she understood the Trump legal team announcement, which said she is neither a member of the Trump legal team nor a lawyer for the president in his personal capacity. However, it seemed clear that she was free to pursue her targets independently and that she intended to do so.

“I will continue to represent #WeThePeople who had their votes for Trump and other Republicans stolen by massive fraud through Dominion and Smartmatic, and we will be filing suit soon. The chips will fall where they may, and we will defend the foundations of this great Republic. #KrakenOnSteroids,” she said.

Amid the controversy involving Trump’s legal team, the transition for President-elect Biden has officially been approved by the administration to begin.

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