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Employees at Penguin Random House suffer meltdown over release of conservative book

A well-known publisher, Penguin Random House Canada, is reportedly experiencing turmoil within their ranks over the release of a book written by conservative Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. He is extremely popular here in the United States among conservatives and Libertarians.

Peterson is a noted psychology professor from the University of Toronto. He is also a very popular podcast host and made an announcement on Monday that he is releasing a new book titled “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life,” which is set to be released in March of next year according to Vice.

The release of the book has engendered an emotional outcry within the Canadian publishing giant. Employees are allegedly pressuring the company to cancel the book’s release.

A report states that “several” employees confronted the management of Penguin Random House Canada (PRHC), a subsidiary of Penguin Random House, at an internal town hall on Monday and “dozens more have filed anonymous complaints” about PRHC’s plans to release the latest work from the politically and culturally outspoken professor.

“He is an icon of hate speech and transphobia and the fact that he’s an icon of white supremacy, regardless of the content of his book, I’m not proud to work for a company that publishes him,” one town hall attendee, who is also a member of the LGBTQ community, commented.

Another employee reported that “people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson has affected their lives” with one stating that Peterson had “radicalized their father” and another insisting the publishing of Peterson’s book will “negatively affect their non-binary friend.”

“The company since June has been doing all these anti-racist and allyship things and then publishing Peterson’s book completely goes against this. It just makes all of their previous efforts seem completely performative,” the employee lamented.

Employees also alleged that Penguin Random House intentionally kept the publication a secret, even going so far as to hide it in their internal database. “I feel it was deliberately hidden and dropped on us once it was too late to change course,” said one employee. The production of this book has been in process and known for years.

Employees also accused the publisher of doing this simply for profit. They said they believe Penguin Random House Canada is publishing Peterson’s new book because 12 Rules for Life was incredibly successful. “They’re not going to acknowledge the reason they’re doing it is for money. I feel that would be the more honest route to go rather than making up excuses for Jordan Peterson,” they said.

Penguin Random House Canada stated in an interview with Vice: “We announced yesterday that we will publish Jordan Peterson’s new book ‘Beyond Order’ this coming March. Immediately following the announcement, we held a forum and provided a space for our employees to express their views and offer feedback. Our employees have started an anonymous feedback channel, which we fully support. We are open to hearing our employees’ feedback and answering all of their questions. We remain committed to publishing a range of voices and viewpoints.”

Employees of the publishing company are demanding the publication be canceled. If that doesn’t happen, they are insisting profits from the book go to LGBTQ organizations.

The report by Vice went viral immediately on social media with a number of critics mocking the crying employees, suggesting they should quit or be fired by the publisher for their emotional response to Peterson’s work.

Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila tweeted the Vice article, adding that the “crying adults” should be identified and fired.

Conservative pundit Candace Owens also called for the employees to be terminated. “I have never understood business owners being ‘confronted’ by employees making demands,” she tweeted.

“As a business-owner, I simply cannot relate. That’s a fast-track to unemployment for those of us that have a spine. I didn’t build my businesses for entitled brats to tell me how to run it.”


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