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Young Turks co-hosts smear Tucker Carlson as a smart ‘liar’ who is just ‘playing his audience’

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks called Tucker Carlson a “liar” Tuesday night. He did so stating that Carlson had claimed that the 2020 general election was unfair to President Trump, but that he had overlooked a ton of evidence of what he saw as voter suppression and intimidation towards democratic voting blocks.

The accusation is tied to Carlson’s refusal to host Trump attorney Sidney Powell on his Fox News program until she could produce actual evidence of voter fraud. Tucker faced a massive backlash after he did that and backtracked a bit in his following show. Carlson questioned the validity of the electronic voting and claimed that “the system was rigged” against President Trump by the media.

Co-host Ana Kasparian laid into other conservatives as well as Carlson. She agreed with the Fox host that this election was rife with unfairness, but suggested it was those on Trump’s side that were being unfair, not Democrats. She insinuated that Trump loyalist Louis DeJoy was appointed Postmaster General to disrupt mail-in voting to benefit Trump. She also alleged that voters were intimidated at polling places by armed Trump supporters who also threatened poll workers just for doing their jobs.

“It was certainly an unfair election, and it was slanted,” Kasparian stated, “but in favor of Donald Trump. Except those are issues that Tucker Carlson WON’T bring up. But he will allege that this was an unfair election to Donald Trump without providing any of that evidence that he claims to be so in favor of. So he’s full of crap.”

Uygur asserted that conservatives such as Carlson never seemed to have a problem with electronic voting when Trump was winning in 2016 or when GOP Senators and House candidates outperformed polling in the very same election that Trump was “cheated” out of. Both hosts laid out how Carlson talks about fraud allegations to deceive his audience.

“Here’s where Tucker’s smart,” Cenk posited, “but it actually makes him a bigger liar because he knows he’s lying, and he knows that he’s playing his audience. So when he says ‘it’s rigged,’ he says it’s rigged ‘by the media’ and others, etc. So he can tell his audience, ‘I said it was rigged, I told you Trump was robbed.’ But then when anyone credible challenges him, he’ll say, ‘I didn’t technically say that the votes were rigged. I never technically said that. I said it was rigged in other ways.’ So you see how this game is played.”

Previously in the show, the hosts discussed Laura Ingraham and accused her of attempting to execute a similar move by fanning the flames of voter fraud allegations for three weeks before grudgingly acknowledging that there was nothing to any of it. Cenk then wondered aloud about whether Ingraham and Carlson would have stood on principle and defended democracy if Trump’s anti-democratic electoral coup had succeeded.

“Do you think there’s a one percent chance,” Uygur asked, “that if Donald Trump successfully got, for example, the state legislatures to put in another slate of electors and then declared him president without ever presenting any evidence in court, so you know that it’s false — he had no voter fraud evidence, he had nothing.”

“If the Republican state leaders had just said, ‘No that’s it, Trump wins, we don’t care,’ and some of them had threatened to do that, do you think Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham would have gone along or said, ‘No, that’s anti-democratic,’ on principle?” Uygur queried. “No, you know for a fact they would not have said that. This is such an obvious game they’re playing. Zero percent credit for either of them.”

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