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Squad members AOC and Omar hawk campaign merchandise for Black Friday on social media

Two members of the infamous far-left “Squad” of congresswomen are making good use of Black Friday to promote their progressive campaign merchandise on social media. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) eschewed their socialist leanings in favor of capitalism for at least one day. They were ripped for it on Twitter.

Omar is offering a “15% off” special for her website’s store, while Ocasio-Cortez endorsed her “AOC Plus Me” gear and other items only after reminding her followers to patronize small businesses, local journalism, and give to charity. She also gushed over unions.

All four “Squad” members easily won reelection earlier this month in their various states. So, campaign merchandise must be doing well these days.

Ocasio-Cortez noted her online shop was “in the process of restocking for the holiday season.” There was no mention if there would be a ‘spread the wealth’ feature or not.

Commenters on Twitter were less than impressed with AOC. One person nailed her, “Glad that you are enjoying your vacay and shopping while the American people are running out of money and dying because of Covid. Congrats.”

Others pointed out that this is actually ‘capitalism’. “And there it is…blatant capitalism. Hilarious!” sneered another commenter.

Omar said her store supports year-round organizing work and Ocasio-Cortez claims that her products are “made in the USA and create living wage, dignified union jobs for people across the country.”

One Twitter commenter snarked: “I cant use my actual political power to give you any stimulus relief. But what I can do is give you a promo code for 15% off my merch stores Black Friday catalog.”

Another was even blunter: “TFW one of the premiere leftist “anti-capitalist” figures in America uses “organize” as a discount code for her Black Friday sale while millions of Americans suffer and die.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s online shop also offers items touting her Green New Deal climate proposal. Which is probably just about as popular as you would expect it to be.

This year, Black Friday is non-existent for most Americans as they stay home and try and ride out the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs or businesses. Even those who would like to go shopping are hampered in many states by heavy diktats from liberal governors that make it almost impossible to shop as they normally would. Instead, many have switched to online shopping.

AOC doesn’t need to worry about patronizing small businesses. Many have gone out of business because of lawmakers locking down various cities and states. Both Omar and AOC support unions but their policies in the long run do nothing but hurt union workers since there is not enough work to go around to support them. As for local journalism, that has morphed into propaganda outlets and charity seems to be very politically selective these days.

While the “Squad” is promoting socialism for all they are worth, they are conducting capitalism on the side which is seen by many as outright hypocrisy. But at least you get a 15% discount for it.

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