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Trump fires back at former elections official who gave ‘one-sided story’ to 60 Minutes

Former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Chris Krebs gave an interview to CBS News’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday where he defended the security of the 2020 election after being fired by President Trump. The president slammed the report on Twitter and claimed that U.S. election security is an “international joke.”

Krebs gave the interview just under two weeks after getting the boot by Trump. When the president fired Krebs, he tweeted that claims made by the director defending America’s election security were “highly inaccurate.” In that same tweet, Trump stated “that there were massive improprieties and fraud – including dead people voting, Poll Watchers not allowed into polling locations” and more.

When Krebs was unceremoniously ousted, backlash ensued from Congress including from a number of Republicans. Krebs has repeatedly stated that there is “still no evidence that election systems and votes were manipulated.” He doubled down on those claims on Sunday in his CBS sit-down.

“There is no foreign power that is flipping votes. There’s no domestic actor flipping votes. I did it right. We did it right. This was a secure election,” Krebs heatedly defended himself.

“I had a job to do, we did it right, I would do it over again 1,000 times,” Krebs said. “CISA did the right thing. … State and local election officials did the right thing.”

Krebs also went after Rudy Giuliani, accusing him of “undermining democracy” with repeated comments he has made leveling accusations that there was massive voter fraud in several states.

“It was upsetting because what I saw was an apparent attempt to undermine confidence in the election, to confuse people, to scare people,” Krebs regarding a press conference where Giuliani appeared alongside lawyer Sidney Powell. “And that was, again, to me, a press conference that I just — it didn’t make sense. What it was actively doing was undermining democracy. And that’s dangerous.”

President Trump blasted CBS News and “60 Minutes” for not bothering to get his side of the story on voter fraud. On Twitter, he reiterated his previous claims on mail-in ballots and Dominion, a company that makes ballot-counting systems.

“.@60Minutes never asked us for a comment about their ridiculous, one sided story on election security, which is an international joke,” Trump stated. “Our 2020 Election, from poorly rated Dominion to a Country FLOODED with unaccounted for Mail-In ballots, was probably our least secure EVER!”

Dominion has denied all wrongdoing in connection with their machines. Accusations against the company include its ties to foreign countries, that its systems have switched votes, that there were software glitches, and more.

“Look, when a voter votes on a Dominion machine, they fill out a ballot on a touch screen. They are given a printed copy which they then give to a local election official for safekeeping. If any electronic interference had taken place, the tally reported electronically would not match the printed ballots. And in every case where we’ve looked at — in Georgia, all across the country — the printed ballot, the gold standard in election security, has matched the electronic tally,” Dominion spokesman Michael Steel said in an interview on “America’s News Headquarters.”

Krebs also touted the alleged fact that multiple recounts of paper ballots have produced results that were consistent with the initial counts.

“That gives you the ability to prove that there was no malicious algorithm or hacked software that adjusted the tally of the vote, and just look at what happened in Georgia,” Krebs said. “Georgia has machines that tabulate the vote. They then held a hand recount and the outcome was consistent with the machine vote.”

Krebs went on: “That tells you that there was no manipulation of the vote on the machine count side. And so that pretty thoroughly, in my opinion, debunks some of these sensational claims out there… It’s nonsense.”

Krebs has had some pushback within the government over his claims. A senior Department of Homeland Security official told Fox News after his firing that Krebs was “out of his lane” in some of his statements on election security. This referred to a statement that Krebs put out saying there was no evidence “any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” That was seen as being too broad a statement as election fraud claims are adjudicated by local, state, and federal law enforcement, not CISA.

Krebs assured Americans on “60 Minutes” that they should be confident in the result of the election as legal challenges to election results by the president and his allies are still proceeding in the courts.

“The recounts are consistent with the initial count, and to me, that’s further evidence, that’s confirmation that the systems used in the 2020 election performed as expected, and the American people should have 100% confidence in their vote,” Krebs said.

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