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GA conducts 250 investigations into ‘credible claims of illegal voting’ including Stacey Abrams’ org

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp have announced that over 250 investigations are being conducted that look into ‘credible claims of illegal voting’ in the state of Georgia. One of those groups at the forefront of the investigations is the New Georgia Project, a seemingly partisan voter registration group co-founded by Stacey Abrams.

An emailed press release from the New Georgia Project stated:

“Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, resurrected a tired and false claim against the New Georgia Project’s legitimate efforts to register eligible Georgians to participate in elections in a press conference held Monday morning, November 30th.”

Nse Ufot, Executive Director of the New Georgia Project said:

“As Georgians are turning out in record numbers to have their voices heard at the polls, the Secretary of State is resorting to desperate attempts to smear law-abiding organizations and scare eligible Georgians from registering to vote in critical upcoming elections. We will not be deterred.”

“This attack on our organization comes at a time when people across the country have witnessed the strength of our program and the collective power of a new Georgia electorate that embraces a system of inclusivity and opportunity for all Georgians. The timing is not accidental.”

At issue here are third-party groups who are allegedly trying to register people from other states to illegally vote in Georgia’s twin Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections. The GOP’s majority in the Senate is at stake.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told reporters on Monday that “we have opened an investigation into a group called America Votes, who is sending absentee ballot applications to people at addresses where they have not lived since 1994.”

Another group being investigated is “Vote Forward, who attempted to register a dead Alabama voter, a woman, to vote here in Georgia.” He also focused on the Stacey Abrams’-connected group “the New Georgia Project, who sent voter registration applications to New York City.”

Raffensperger singled out “Operation New Voter Registration Georgia, who is telling college students in Georgia that they can change their residency to Georgia and then change it back after the election.”

He emphasized that “voting in Georgia when you’re not a resident of Georgia is a felony. And encouraging college students to commit felonies without regard for what it might mean for them is despicable. These third-party groups have a responsibility not to encourage illegal voting. If they do so, they will be held responsible.”

The secretary of state’s office also has 23 investigators working on 250 open investigations into “credible claims of illegal voting” and election law violations, he said.

Gabriel Sterling is a Georgia election official who manages Georgia’s voting system. He told reporters that “this is new information, these outside groups attempting to register people illegally potentially, in other states.” He also said that these third-party groups appear to be “literally saying ‘hey, it’s OK to commit a felony.’”

Raffensperger solemnly stated that “this office will continue to take steps to protect the voting rights of the legally registered Georgians of this state, Republican, Democrat, independent, and whatever party you may be a member of.”

The control of the Senate is at stake in the Georgia runoffs. Republicans must win both contests to firmly retain control of the Senate. If the Democrats prevail, presumptive Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will be the tie-breaker in a 50-50 split Senate, giving control essentially to the Democrats who already control the House of Representatives and the executive branch.

In Georgia, where state law dictates a runoff if no candidate reaches 50% of the vote, GOP Sen. David Perdue narrowly missed avoiding a runoff, winning 49.75% of the vote. Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff trails by roughly 87,000 votes.

Appointed Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler captured nearly 26% of the vote in a whopping 20-candidate special election to fill the final two years of the term of former GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson. The Democratic candidate in the runoff, Rev. Raphael Warnock, won nearly 33% of the vote in the first round. Warnock served as the CEO of The New Georgia Project until February of this year.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

“Warnock was listed as CEO of the New Georgia Project from 2017 until Feb. 21, 2020, according to the group’s corporate filings,” the report stated. “He has been identified as the New Georgia Project’s chairman and spokesman in media reports and has said he organized voter mobilization drives for the group, including a push to register 80,000 new minority voters in 2014.”

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