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Cuomo now begging retired doctors to come back after writing triumphant book on COVID

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is now literally begging doctors and nurses to come out of retirement because of the new surge in coronavirus cases in his state. But wait… didn’t he write a book on how he ‘handled’ the pandemic? Cuomo has been just full of self-love and praise over how he has saved New York, even though thousands died when he put COVID-19 patients in with the elderly at nursing homes. Perhaps he’ll need to add an addendum to his book or write a sequel on how he rescued everyone yet again. At least in his own mind.

Someone might want to tell Cuomo that those he is asking to come out of retirement are among those most vulnerable to the coronavirus. They are the very definition of a high-risk group. These doctors and nurses are elderly, that’s why they are retired, governor. Cuomo’s beginning to look a lot like the Grinch who killed Christmas and New York.

New York’s governor is labeling the resurgence a “new phase in the war against COVID [Chinese coronavirus].” He added that daily hospitalizations across the state are almost quadruple what they were in June. Cuomo will use this as an excuse to further shut down businesses and finish them off once and for all in New York. Meanwhile, he sees to be advocating that New Yorkers just stay home and quietly die or something.

Once again, elective surgeries are being canceled as well. That means that those such as cancer patients and people with heart problems can’t get the relief they desperately need. And in some cases, that will be a death sentence.

Cuomo said every hospital in New York must compile a list of retired doctors and nurses they can call on because of staffing problems. He did not say whether those called to the front lines should make out their wills just in case.

“I am very worried about staff shortages. I’m more concerned about the staff shortage than I am the [number of hospital] beds. We can build beds. We can’t create more staff. And the staff is starting tired,” he explained.

In a tweet Monday morning, Cuomo posted an infographic titled “Initiate Emergency Hospital Procedures,” with the first point reading, “Staff shortage: identify retired nurses and doctors NOW”:

Then, he ordered residents to stop attending small gatherings immediately.

“Hospitalizations are climbing — statewide. What can you do? Cut out the small gatherings. Now. 65% of all cases are traced to small gatherings. Gov’t can’t enforce who’s in your living room. But you can,” he wrote.

You mean small gatherings like the press conference you held yesterday where none of your aides or yourself wore face masks?

Cuomo is selectively worried in front of the cameras because he thinks it makes him look like a leader. It’s surprising he doesn’t hawk his book during his face time in front of the public. But he did find time in his busy, heavy-handed schedule to accept his International Emmy Award last week by claiming victory and saying his press conferences offered “authentic truth and stability.” More like authentically ‘must-not-watch’ TV.

Absent from the ceremony was any mention of Gov. Cuomo’s March directive ordering New York nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, which caused the virus to spread like wildfire among that state’s elderly and infirm population. His decision contributed to the state’s COVID-19 mortality rate, which currently ranks as the second-highest in the nation. And it is only second because Cuomo has played with the reported numbers. They don’t include nursing home deaths. Gee, I don’t think he covered that in his book.

“Cuomo’s nursing home mandate reportedly led to 6,000 nursing home deaths from the coronavirus,” an article read. Yep, but Cuomo made the New York Times Bestseller List… perspective people.

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