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‘She is unwatchable’: MSNBC anchor under attack by fellow libs for critical Biden comments

When you elect elderly people to the most demanding, pressure-packed job in the world, their health can be an issue, as can be getting accurate information about their condition.

The public saw this when the national media once flipped out over what they believed were disingenuous reports about President Donald Trump’s annual physical a few years ago, and again after the president contracted the coronavirus a few weeks back.

But veteran MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell just learned that liberals apparently don’t want too much information, and will demand blood, if the news undermines the narrative that Democrat Joe Biden, who has lived for months with speculation about a possible decline in his cognitive abilities, is physically up to the job.

On Saturday, Biden injured himself while playing with his dog. Initial reports said he suffered a sprained ankle. Biden’s doctor issued a statement saying there was no obvious fracture after an X-ray, but that a CT scan was on tap to verify.

It turned out, after the Democrat visited an orthopedist in Delaware on Sunday, that he had sustained a hairline fracture.

On Monday, once the truth was known, Mitchell chastised Team Biden for shrouding the incident in secrecy. That was something other journalists had picked up on. On Sunday, for example, Fox News producer Pat Ward tweeted, “No video of President-elect Biden walking into Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists as the (press) Pool is not being allowed to leave the vans, and transition won’t answer any further questions.”

Imagine the media outrage had Trump blocked them that way.

And at least Mitchell tried to muster something in that vein.

Reporting on Biden’s stumble on Monday, Mitchell said, “It was also notable, you know he fell, playing with his dog Major, we’re told, on Saturday, it wasn’t until Sunday that the White House pool knew that he was going somewhere, and then it turned out to be a doctor, you know, for an x-ray, and then they needed more imaging, so CT scans.” Of Biden’s handlers she added, “They weren’t as forthcoming as you would hope they would be with the press pool that’s supposed to cover him.”

Liberal viewers greeted Mitchell’s report with their customary tact and tolerance – with plenty of demands for the 74-year-old anchor to quit, especially for daring to hold Democrats to anything that resembles the standard Republicans are expected to answer to.

“@mitchellreports needs to go,” one tweeted. “This two standards crap for the GOP vs. Dems is beyond old.”

Added another, “On @MSNBC just now @mitchellreports just said Biden wasn’t forthcoming enough about his ankle injury but he injured it playing with dog, had an X-ray, had a CT—then provided results. This is STANDARD FOR ORTHOPEDIC diagnoses as I well know ffs STOP THIS CRAP BOTH SIDESING.”

“It’s long past time for Andrea Mitchell to retire and get a new hobby other than both-sides’ing every damn thing,” tweeted a third.

One more said, “Good Gods!! WTF @mitchellreports seriously? Are you stumping for trump now comrade? Suck it sister. Have you been forthcoming about that face of yours. How’s it feel Debbie downer?”

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